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New This Week: Instagram API Changes Threaten Third Party Apps

Last updated on: 2018

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In what individuals in the tech industry are assuming to be attempts to save it’s other platforms from the backlash it faced over misuse of user data, Facebook has dramatically reduced the amount of information third-party applications can pull from Instagram.

What will the Instagram API changes mean for advertisers?

Third Party Apps Might No Longer Be Relevant

Many third-party apps that utilize the Instagram API, such as ones that let users analyze their followers or generate lists of relevant hashtags, have been rendered useless (or at least less useful than it was previously).

With this change, the number of calls per user per hour has been reduced from 5,000 to 200. This is causing the apps pulling information to run slowly, not provide accurate or whole data, and, in some cases, break completely. This has left many developers feeling put off that the change wasn’t announced prior so they could adapt their apps before the update took place.

We’re Still Waiting to Hear From Instagram

Interestingly, Instagram has yet to comment on the update, causing many to question the reasoning behind the move and if they will continue to work with the platform.

“Instagram’s lack of communication is frustrating to me because now I’m scrambling to update my apps and dealing with loads of unhappy customers. If I had had a month to prep for this, I could’ve tweaked things so that limit was harder to reach. I’d be more frugal with my requests. What happened is all of a sudden, I’m getting dozens of emails, DMs on Instagram, with people saying the app’s not working,” said an anonymous developer to a reporter from Tech Crunch.

It will be interesting to see how these changes play out over the next few months, as it can be assumed Facebook will continue making changes to its secondary platforms to avoid any more data drama in the future.

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