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New This Week: Instagram Algorithm Updates 2018

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In the world of Instagram, things are always changing quickly. Luckily, we’re here to help you keep up with all the latest news and updates! Instagram recently announced the details of its new algorithm changes, in order to address users wanting a more chronological feed and to help the app “feel more fresh”.

So, how does the new Instagram algorithm work?

What you see in your Instagram feed will be determined by three factors: interest, timeliness and relationship.

Instagram Algorithm Changes 2018

  1. Interest — Instagram will predict how much you care about a post based on past behavior on similar content (similar to the Instagram Explore page).
  2. Timeliness — How recent was the post shared? The new algorithm will factor in when the post was published, with newer post now prioritized over older posts.  
  3. Relationship — This is based on how often you interact with the person who shared the post, including commenting on their photos or being tagged together in photos.

DB Tip: Do you feel like you never see posts from someone’s feed? Start commenting on their photos!

What else will influence Instagram rankings?

In addition to these three main factors, there are three additional factors that will affect the new Instagram algorithm.

  • Frequency — How often do you open Instagram? The app tries to “show you the best posts since your last visit.”
  • Following — How many people do you follow? The more people you follow means you’ll see less of any specific person.
  • Usage — How long do you spend on Instagram? The algorithm will determine the best posts during shorter sessions or “dig deeper into its catalog” during longer scrolling sessions.

Will the chronological feed be making a comeback?

No. As of now, Instagram isn’t considering going back to its old reverse chronological feed because it “doesn’t want to add more complexity” where users might forget what feed they’re set to. However, the new update shows that the app is listening to users’ who dislike the algorithm.

What do you think of the new algorithm changes? Let us know in the comments below!

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