ideas for marketing on bereal

Ideas for Marketing on BeReal

Last updated on: 2022


The beauty industry is finding that consumers love when brands “be real.” Brands are finding success with organic content, influencer content and content shot on phones instead of professional cameras. This is true even for consumers’ personal content as social media attitudes start to prefer users showing themselves being real instead of performing for social media. BeReal, the newest social media craze, encourages their users to capture themselves in those “real” moments; seems like the perfect app for brands to connect with consumers, right? Yes!… Almost! There’s no formal advertising yet in the app. Plus, the app requires users to post at certain times of day, to add friends to see posts and content posted won’t remain visible for more than 24 hours. These are obviously some planning issues to be worked out, but despite these hurdles, plenty of brands have ideas for marketing on BeReal. Chipotle has been offering exclusive coupon codes through the app since Spring of 2022 and more brands are leaning into the opportunities BeReal provides. It’s time for beauty brands to BeReal!

We’ve got 3 ideas for marketing on BeReal!

ideas for marketing on bereal

Photo by Mateus Campos Felipe on Unsplash

The Look / The Vanity

These days, it’s all about the setup. An easy way to get lots of products featured in a BeReal post is to post a makeup look and the vanity the look was done at. Take a photo of an influencer in full glam in the front cam with an organized and appealing vanity shot in the back cam. With the new update, just watch the number of screenshots roll in when everyone wants to recreate the look! Go ahead, throw a secret coupon code on the mirror, too!

Time, Place + Product

There’s a way to use the time sensitive aspect of BeReal to your brand’s advantage, especially with the range of beauty products that can be used throughout the day. Marketing products as having long wear (Caption: “Been wearing this lipstick for 12 hours!”) or products at appropriate times of day (a late night BeReal post could be about getting “caught at bedtime using the night cream”) only require a small amount of planning but are still easy and effective. 

Behind-the-Scenes Sneaks

Everyone loves a peek behind the curtain! Show off the talent behind the camera while on set or use the app’s expiring posts as the perfect way to slyly announce new products. Small updates from the behind-the-scenes crew of the brand allow consumers to connect more with their favorite brands! This is your opportunity to show your consumers why you love your brand as much as they do.

As BeReal continues to grow, there are so many possibilities for the beauty industry with ideas for marketing on BeReal! BeReal has gotten so big, the ultra-social giant TikTok has even taken a cue from the app, adding TikTok Now as a feature in the app. Although BeReal has a couple hurdles when it comes to advertising right now, ideas for brand presence in the app are in development! What ideas for marketing on BeReal do you have for showing off your brand in a new light while we wait for formal advertising? Let us know how you plan— oh, hold on, it’s time to BeReal!

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