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How to Use Planoly to Plan Out A Beautiful Instagram Feed

Last updated on: 2018


What’s the Easiest Way to Plan Out My Instagram Feed?

Our favorite way to plan out our content is with the Instagram planning app Planoly. No matter if you’re a blogger, a business or an agency balancing multiple clients, Planoly has the tools to help you. From providing help in maintaining a frequent posting cadence (with the auto-post feature) to lending a visual representation of your feed to easily balance content, Planoly is the tool every social media account should take advantage of.

How Should I Plan Out My Feed?

There is no simple answer as to how any influencer or brand should plan out their feed; planning out a cohesive, aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed is more than just creating good content and calling it a day. Creating a cohesive, aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed requires planning. So, how should you plan out your feed? Consider your goals, community interaction, marketing calendar, key moments (holidays, sales, etc.) and most of all – your mission.


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Find out how to strategize your overall Instagram grid according to Planoly’s blog.

What are Planoly’s Best Features?

Drag and Drop Images

Planoly features planning tools that equip users with a visual representation of the feed. As we all know, Instagram is the visual storyteller of social media platforms and creating an aesthetic is essential to your brand’s visual strategy. In order to play around with the placement of content, Planoly has a Drag and Drop feature that enables users to easily balance their feed and create a beautiful aesthetic.

Auto-Post Content

Influencers and business accounts should work to deliver content to their audience reliably, on-time, and as expected. Planoly’s Auto-Post feature allows you to first schedule your content and gives you the option to enable auto-posting, which means no matter how busy you are that day, your Instagram posts are still being delivered to your audience when you have them scheduled out to. No need for manual posting here!

Plan Out IG Stories

With Instagram’s ever-changing algorithm, Instagram Stories have taken chronological precedence on Instagram users feeds worldwide. So, the big question — how has Planoly taken advantage of the use of Instagram Stories? Not only does Planoly offer planned posting for static posts on Instagram, but it also offers the opportunity to plan and schedule out stories.

Add Placeholders

Planoly also offers access to insert placeholders into your feed, so if you are awaiting one last piece of content but are still itching to plan out your feed — you’re in luck! Utilizing placeholders in your feed ensures your content is balanced and accounted for.

Dive Into Analytics

Lastly, one of the most notable features provided through Planoly has to be the analytics each user can view and evaluate. Planoly offers the option to view the posts, likes, comments, average likes, average comments and follower gain/loss in any given time period (since creating the account).


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Why Should I Plan Out Social Media Content?

If you’re still not convinced why you should plan out your social media posts, read this article to see the benefits of scheduling out content.

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