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How to Shoot Oddly Satisfying Beauty Videos

Last updated on: 2019


What makes oddly satisfying beauty videos so appealing? We all have that innate desire to satisfy our eyes with new ways to break, goop and flare things. After all, when will you ever take out your lipstick collection and just start burning it? It’s like the first time you saw a drag queen. She was graceful in colorful makeup, a textured gown and moved like an ostrich on ice. If you haven’t gotten anything from this absurd intro, just remember color, texture and movement.

How to make your oddly satisfying beauty videos stand out:

Color: Color is important in beauty in order to capture the viewer’s eye and make them want to finish watching. A tip I picked up from a Taylor & Pond designer, is to use complementary colors between the subject and background. According to the standard color wheel, if the lipstick you want to melt is purple, you might want to go with a yellow background since it’s the complementary color. This isn’t a definite rule but it’s a good place to start when choosing colors.


Texture: Whether it’s a grainy powder or silky lipstick, texture is another way to add interest to your oddly satisfying beauty videos. In order to capture the textures, you will need a solid lighting setup. Not everyone has the budget for elaborate setups but if you have the basic elements, you’ll be fine. 

A good key light that shines on your subject from either the left or right side is first on the list. Make sure it’s something bright enough for your camera settings to be fast enough to capture a more crisp picture. Next, you’ll need something to bounce the light across from your key light to help fill in the shadows on the opposite side of your subject. A good white poster board could do the job well. Lastly, you’ll need one more light to brighten up the background. This will help remove hard shadows on the background from the subject’s key light while also flattening it. 


Movement: Oddly satisfying beauty videos need odd movements. Melting, crushing, smearing, squeezing, dripping, etc. In order to capture these movements, you need to know the right camera settings. In the Taylor & Pond office, we use Canon DSLRs or a C100. To shoot a clean motion, you have to make sure you’re shooting in 60 frames per second. This is important during editing so that when you slow down the footage, it has a fluid flow rather than a janky tick between frames. 

Along with the 60fps, it helps to bump up the shutter speed of the camera to minimize motion blur and capture a more crisp picture for each frame. Bumping up the shutter speed will make the image seem dark but this is why we used a bright key light in order to help offset the camera light settings. 

Lastly, have fun, be creative because the oddly satisfying opportunities are limitless. The best part of the process is finding new ways to destroy things so get to crushing your next oddly satisfying beauty videos.



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