How to Market Like an Indie Brand

Last updated on: 2020


Indie brands have significantly grown in popularity and success. How have some Indie brands been able to defy their financial limits? How have they been able to gain such great attraction that beauty retailers beg them to join their shelves? The answer is GREAT BRANDING. There is plenty of room for large and well-established brands to learn from these small-scale, independently owned and operated companies.

Indie brands have crucial feedback that they can share with these larger businesses.

Here are a few tips and tricks large brands can take away from Indie brands:

  1. Tell your brand story well and make sure it is meaningful.
  2. Have a strong value proposition, create that dream product you can’t seem to find!
  3. Get a strong social media team and figure out how to communicate that value.
  4. You must be PASSIONATE!

How Do They Do It?

Indie brands tend to be disruptive when they enter the market, carefully considering the gaps that need to be filled and how they can be successful. These brands typically will target a very niche consumer market. In doing so, they find extremely loyal customers. These small brands take pride in their uniqueness.

Indie brands have always sought to solve a problem. Whether it be regarding color range, organic, vegan, or cruelty-free, the brands and their founders are always passionate. Their highly personalized products keep their edge and can catch the attention of conscious consumers.

Indie brands always start with a strong mission and brand story. An advantage of having a small team is you can have your core team highly aligned. The brand story is well defined and illustrated by the whole team. With this hyper-focused message, they can create exceptional marketing strategies.

Their marketing tactics tend to be untraditional. With their tight budget, they cannot afford to market like big brands through television, billboards, or any type of face-to-face interaction. Most Indie brands have chosen to market almost exclusively online, with social media at the heart of their branding strategy. Colourpop uses its Instagram to show the process of making its makeup and regularly includes memes throughout its page to entertain its followers. While brands like Glossier frequently feature nature in its feed to represent their natural ingredients.

Since these brands are operating on a much smaller scale, they have plenty of time to spend interacting with followers, creating a strong and meaningful bond between the two. Many are also known for their excellent and very responsive customer service.

Well-Known Indie Brands?

With Indie Brand growth in attraction and sales, a few top-most successful companies have been able to occupy shelf space at big retailers, while others remain the sole sellers of their product to ensure quality control.

Here are some of the top-most successful Indie brands:


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