How to Get Re-Posted by a Brand

How to Get Re-Posted by a Brand

Last updated on: 2018


Are you a beauty influencer that’s yearning to get reposted by your favorite brand? We totally get it and are here to help! Being re-posted by a brand is a catapult strategy to increasing your social following as well as your presence across the beauty community. It is also a clear validation that the work you’ve created is of quality! Who doesn’t enjoy that feeling? We’ve gotten the hang of what makes a brand double tap or, better yet, re-post the content you create. Follow these steps to help you get posted in no time!

Do Your Research

First things first, do your homework! When searching for brands that you admire and wish to get re-posted by, take a close look at their Instagram aesthetic. Some things to take note of are their use of user generated content, use of color, and type of photography.

Use of User Generated Content

Let’s be honest, if the brand you are admiring doesn’t post user generated content, the chances that they will select your photo are slim to none. Be sure to select brands that are engaging with their audience and post user generated content (UGC)! Taking this first step will increase your likelihood of getting reposted. Additionally, you need to pay close attention to the type of UGC that brands are posting. Are their regrams fierce? Sexy? Dainty? Edgy? Take note of the “type” of regrams they tend to post and recreate this look when creating content.

Use of Color

Color use is extremely important! You want to ensure all parts of the content that you curate match the aesthetic of the brand that you are trying to impress, including their color scheme. Mold the content you are creating to match the brand colors shared on their Instagram. Below are some of Taylor & Pond’s clients and their Instagram aesthetic colors:

When going through the extra step of crafting content around the brand that you are wishing to get reposted by, you increase your chances of not only being noticed but blending in seamlessly into their social feed!

Type of Photography

Take note of the attributes of the photography that the brand posts. Are they flat-lay photos? Are they complex in design? Are they simplistic? Do they use patterns and shapes? What type of lighting do they use? Notice what they tend to post and emulate this when creating your own content.

Create Clean Content

The purpose of a regram in the beauty community is to show the true pay-off of the product used. When setting up your photo, embrace the words CRISP AND CLEAN. Brands are looking for top-quality content that will showcase their product in its fullest potential. Curate your content to showcase the type of beauty product you are featuring.


  • Skin Care: Photo that shows off flawless skin
  • Color Cosmetics: Photo that shows pigmentation of lipstick
  • Nails: Photo that shows healthy cuticles and color
  • Hair: Photo that shows glossy and healthy hair

Product Usage and Brand Shout Out

Choose your products and tags wisely! This is one aspect that most seem to overlook. If you are aiming to be re-posted by a specific brand then ensure that the hero product of your image is created by that brand. Brands will be much more inclined to regram and repost if you are featuring their product – or, better yet – holding the product! Always keep in mind that you do not want to overpower the brand that you trying to get re-posted by with another brands’ product. Keep the focus on your “wish list” brand!

Mention, Tag and Use Brand Hashtag

After you have created your content, it is time to post! When posting, it is imperative that you mention the brand in the caption (if applicable) and use their branded hashtag. You can find most branded hashtag in the brand’s Instagram bio. If it can not be easily located, search their most recent posts to get some other ideas on hashtags that they use.

Be Relevant

Timing is everything! You can search for the right brand and craft the perfect content to match their feed to a tee, however, the item you’re showcasing MUST be relevant. The newer product you choose to feature, the more relevant your content is to the brand in pursuit. The more valuable you are to the brand increases your likelihood of a longer and established relationship!

Do you have tips and tricks on how to get reposted by a beauty brand? Share with Digital Beauty in the comments below!