How to Create a 3D Motion Graphic

How to Create a 3D Motion Graphic in Illustrator and Photoshop

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As our world gets busier and busier, it seems like our attention span is getting shorter and shorter. The average attention span has dropped from 12 seconds to 8 seconds in 18 years. It takes a lot to get our attention on social media. With attention spans dropping, videos, motion graphics and stop motions are now dominating most popular social network platforms. As a result, some motionless (2D artwork) digital content is having a hard time getting people’s attention. In order to keep generating attention-grabbing social content, digital marketing agencies have been creating more interactive art work, such as motion graphics. Motion graphics are a great way to get your audience’s attention fast, but 3D motion graphics can get your attention even faster. Here are some quick tips on how to create a 3D motion graphic using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

Taylor & Pond made this square HI-CHEW ad for Instagram where the main focus of the ad was to let HI-CHEW’s customers know that their immensely fruity, intensely chewy candies are available at select Targets.


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1. Start Off with a Quick Search

Depending on what type of motion graphic you’d like to create, you can choose from a variety of images, graphics or logos to work with by searching Google, Getty or free stock image sites like Pexels or Unsplash. For this HI-CHEW ad collaborating with Target, we used the logo provided by Target.

2. Bring the Logo Into Adobe Illustrator

Once you find the files you’re looking for, open Adobe Illustrator. You can start creating a 3D version of the logo or file by using the “Extrude and Bevel” tool. You can find this tool under the effect tap in the 3D section. Once there, you can play with the position of the object by customizing it rotation. This quick trick can drastically give life to your composition.

3. Bring Your Motion Graphic to Life!

After that, export your work as a .JPG and open the file again in Photoshop. Here, you can create a stop motion by using the “create video timeline” option. In this HI-CHEW video, we used some shadows to create an even more realistic feeling. Finally, export your art as “render video.”

This is a quick way to create a fun 3D motion graphic. You can always add more elements and create a more complex animation. Just remember to not surpass the eight-second attention span and most importantly, to have fun!

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