How Branding Influences Perfumes Sales

Last updated on: 2020


Curious about how branding truly impacts perfume sales? We are ecstatic to give a warm welcome to our Guest Contributor, Joshua White—Founder of Copycat Fragrances. Josh founded Copycat in 2017 after investigating the perfume market. He discovered that the ingredients within expensive fragrances are vastly less expensive than what consumers are being charged.

Keep reading to see what he has to say about the perfume industry. 

Granted, perfumes have become an integral part of our fashion and clothing style, but what influences a customer’s decision to select a particular brand over another? Here’s the inside scoop on how to increase perfume sales. 

The common sentiment is that the main product of perfumes—the scents, is what drives the customer’s decision to purchase. So, the typical strategy for perfume companies is to make scents that appeal to people. In many cases, the strategy seems to work, and sales increase, but this isn’t entirely a result of the scent. 

While the perfume scents play a role in a customer’s purchasing decision, it’s not the only factor, branding also plays a paramount role. Your overall branding strategy could establish a connection with customers and link them to an idea such as masculinity or passion.

Branding is one of the factors that can create loyalty in perfume’s customers. It sets perfume companies apart in more ways than one. The key to perfume branding is knowing how to satisfy a customer’s needs in a different way from the product.

Brand Name

Name tag and bottle type is the first thing customers see when they look at a perfume product. Perfumes with memorable names or bottle designs that look iconic and unique draw the most attention. The perfume name is why a lot of perfume brands have names of celebrities and designers: to set them apart. 

This also shows in the pricing because cheaper perfume prices might not automatically translate to more sales. Pricing also has to tie into other elements of the perfume such as the backstory or craftsmanship. These stories compel customers to pay for a product. Your pricing should reflect whether you are designing the perfume for an exclusive or basic class.


Brand Influencers

Perfumes are typically marketed towards a specific customer base, and a way to reach them easily is to use influencers that the target base finds appealing. Influencers already have an audience that listens to them and is interested in their lifestyle.

The brand influencer used for a perfume brand should align with the perfume messaging, and that should show in the ad campaign. Viral features or reviews from influencers on social media channels could effectively place that perfume brand in the right audience and create a following. An influencer doesn’t have to be a person, it could also be a website your target audience uses a lot. 

Company Profile

Perfumes are strongly connected with lifestyles and values that can evoke a connection. People are often drawn to companies that have the messaging they find most relevant to their lifestyles. Companies have reputations to uphold and any actions or causes they decide to follow can affect their customer’s perceptions of their brand. 

Public opinion on issues also counts so a company’s position on ongoing events and professional partnerships shows its views as a brand. Companies typically have a crisis communication strategy in place especially on matters that have a connection to the perfume industry. If a customer resonates with the company’s views on issues, it creates a connection that urges them to make purchases.

Releasing a perfume line is an intricate process. Hence, getting the little details right is as important as putting out quality products. There is no right or wrong branding, so long as you stick with one that applies to your target base.

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