HI-CHEW New Açai Flavor Launch

Last updated on: 2018


HI-CHEW Just Dropped the Best Flavor Ever… or Flavors?

Which HI-CHEW flavor do you always reach for when trying to satisfy your sweet tooth? Strawberry, Grape or Apple? Or, are you that person who always goes for the Sours Mix bag? If you’re a person who doesn’t have any favorites, then you might be swayed to choose soon. Starting in May, HI-CHEW is coming out with their newest flavor: Açai! Made with real chia seeds and powerful superfood sweetness, the Açai HI-CHEW stick is in the running for your next favorite flavor. You can get your hands on the new Açai sticks here.

Hi-CHEW Launches New Açai Flavor

In preparation for the launch, HI-CHEW has highlighted the new flavor by creating a buzz around the Açai flavor on social media through fun, creative teasers and a partnered giveaway with Açai Roots – a brand that offers organic Açai sorbet, fruit bars and juice. Through the use of social media marketing and partnerships, HI-CHEW brought in new eyes and successfully made consumers excited about the launch!

On the official launch date, May 3, HI-CHEW will be holding a tropical-themed product launch event in New York with top-tiered media and influencers to celebrate Açai along with the Pineapple flavor to be added in the Tropical Mix Bag. Online to offline, HI-CHEW will be building up the momentum and thereby effectively launching the products to consumers. To learn more about smart product launch strategies, read our post on how to launch a new product.

Hi Chew East Meets West

Hi-Chew Launches the East Meets West Flavor Contest

In addition to a typical flavor launch, HI-CHEW is actively expanding its range of real fruit flavors through an exciting activation called the East Meets West Flavor Contest, which came to an end this month. In celebration of their 10 year anniversary in the United States, HI-CHEW had its fans to vote to bring a new flavor to the U.S. Out of 20 exclusive Japanese flavors, the fan favorite flavor will launch in the U.S. in 2019.

And the Winner Is… Dragonfruit!

The 20 flavors include Watermelon, Strawberry Cheesecake, Lychee, Apricot Peach and more. Out of all the amazing, exotic flavors, the winner was Dragonfruit! We can’t wait for this flavor launch next year!

Are you excited for more options to satisfy your cravings for a real fruit flavor candy? Leave us a comment about which flavor you’re most excited about!