Dress Your Video For Success: A Guide to Filming for Brands

Dress Your Video for Success: A Guide to Filming for Beauty Brands

Last updated on: 2020


Filming for beauty brands is like picking out your outfit for the day; there are always a few key things you need to ask yourself before going out into the world. What’s the occasion? Is there a theme? Who’s going to be there? These are a few good starter questions to ask yourself when choosing pants, or in our case, what to film.


Keep reading to learn how to dress your video for success.

What’s the occasion?

Beauty is such a broad spectrum of products that you need to know and understand each type of party. For example, Let’s say skincare is brunch by the beach with friends. It’s Sunday morning, you guys are going to your favorite trendy spot by the water and plan to have a good time with friends and catch up. It’s sunny, it’s the weekend, you don’t want to look like you’ve just rolled out of bed, but you also don’t want to look like you did too much. You keep it fresh, light, and cute.


If skincare were a person, they would be rocking a crispy white T-shirt, those perfect blue denim jeans that make your tush look just right, trendy shoes, and a couple of gold accenting accessories to finish the look. Skincare needs to look fresh, clean, polished. Using lots of whites and cool tones sets you up for success. You’ll need fluffy white towels, marble countertops, clean white sinks, or take it outside use the sky and white clouds as a backdrop. Water equals hydration, so skincare brands LOVE that. Think outside or inside the box with those types of things to get creative for your video.


Here is a video from Higher Education Skincare, one of Taylor & Pond’s clients.

Courtesy // Higher Education Skincare

Here’s an extra tip: gold accent jewelry just adds a little lux, especially for your higher-priced brands. Have your model wear small gold hoops, or if it’s a vanity scene, adding a couple of gold rings is the cherry on top.


Is there a theme?

Whether it’s a birthday get together, a music festival, or a schmancy dinner, you have to know the theme. Each brand has just that, a brand. Specific colors, fonts, look, or vibe. Know what the brand represents. Whether they are looking for a more relatable lifestyle vibe or studio-clean presentation, whatever the brand’s theme is, make sure you dress your video to impress.


Who’s going to be there?

Now it’s time to show out. Thinking about the reason for the video and who’s going to watch will help you in the final decisions. Are you going to make something attention-grabbing and interesting like you would if you knew an attractive guy at the end of the bar could be looking? Cool fast cuts, cinematic lighting, prisms, and topping it off with some snazzy after effects edits. Maybe you’re going for something more polished and trustworthy, like going for a job interview? Standard 3 point lighting, hero shot with a clean background, and professional graphics. Whatever the occasion, knowing your audience is key in understanding how to choose those last accessories


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