How to grow your brand on YouTube

How To Grow Your Brand on YouTube

Last updated on: 2019


It’s no surprise that in 2019 people would rather watch creative and informative product videos about a product than read about it. Reaching a target market has become substantially more convenient with platforms like YouTube that are available at the tip of your fingers. Keep reading to learn how to grow your brand on YouTube.

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YouTubing on a Budget

Although the idea of making a digital footprint in the virtual world can be daunting, YouTube is a simple and beneficial platform for brands that are trying to make a statement on a tight budget. All you really need is a plan, some inexpensive equipment and a basic set up. Thanks to Apple, it’s now possible to shoot a high quality video straight from your smartphone.

When developing the initial game plan for your claim to fame, always start with your end goal. Then, consider your brand image and make sure it’s aligned with the image you’re trying to portray to the audience. After the video strategy is nailed down, it’s time to reach the correct target audience.

YouTube Targeting

Once you’ve determined the audience your brand is targeting, YouTube has refining options to narrow down your targeting tactics. With YouTube’s available targeting options, you are able to select the audience through demographic filters, interests or remarketing lists. There are more than 1.3 billion users on YouTube, and now you can control exactly who views the video for the best results.

SEO & YouTube

SEO and YouTube are extremely interconnected. If a video on YouTube has a lot of views, this means that the video is optimized around a favored keyword. This is important to keep in mind when creating your video title, description and tags, as this factor determines where your video will be ranked on the YouTube search. You can find these popular keywords by using an extension like The VidIQ Chrome Extension.

YouTube and the Future of Digital Marketing

How to grow your brand on YouTube

Why is hopping on the video marketing trend via YouTube so important? Creating video content can bring a face to the company, allowing an audience to connect on a deeper level to the brand, with the ultimate goal being to grow your brand on YouTube. Analyzing the performance and reach of the content is immediate and quantifiable. We are in an age where the human attention span is short but YouTube can help you grab your audience’s attention in a matter of minutes.

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