Tips for a Great Photo

5 Tips for Taking a Great Photo

Last updated on: 2018


Taking a great photo is only a click away. Use these 5 simple tips to get the perfect shot in a snap!

Up Close and Personal

Whether you’re photographing a person or a product, don’t be afraid to get close to your subject. Filling the frame draws the viewer into the scene creating a more interesting image. Even a quick crop can make a dull photo pop. JAFRA does a great job of this on Instagram, with various close up shots of lipstick and eyeliner

Let There be Light

Evaluate your light and how it’s illuminating your subject. Whether it be natural or artificial, use light to enhance your subject. Is it casting interesting shadows or reflecting distracting highlights? Getting the lighting right in-camera is key to a successful image and an effortless post-production. Japonesque loves to play with light in its photos, from strategic brush shots to utilizing glowing highlights.

Composition, Composition, Composition

Let your subject be the focus of your shot. Include relevant props to tell a story, but be sure to arrange them in a way that still leads the eye to the point of interest. Including too many elements may distract your audience from your subject. Ruby Kisses is a great example of a brand who always nails amazing composition in its product shots! 

A New Perspective

Study your composition from all angles. Changing your perspective can reveal a more dynamic view of your subject enhancing your overall composition. Whether you’re shooting a flatlay from above or at an angle with depth, decide which perspectives complement your subject best. For example, Merle Norman showcases its 24k Gold Firming Foundation Primer at all different angles – from a traditional flat lay to holding the product.

Bend the Rules

Now that you know the rules, bend them! Experimenting is a great way to familiarize yourself with your camera settings, lighting, and subjects. Take note from Revel, who is always thinking of new and creative ways to showcase its nail polish and dip powder.

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We’d love to hear your favorite photography tips and tricks. Let us know what you’re currently shooting in the comments below!

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