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Top 5 Elements of a Great Beauty Website

Last updated on: 2019

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What makes a great beauty website?

In the ever-growing world of beauty, so much thought, effort, science and money are put into the products. Brands painstakingly spend countless hours and resources developing their mission, formulas, packaging and launch strategy. But what if no one can find them? What if no one enjoys the shopping experience? What if the brand presence online doesn’t match the actual product or the brand entity? Website presence and performance are becoming increasingly important in today’s digital world – perhaps more important than anything else. Below we review the top five things that make a great beauty website so you can be sure your brand will succeed in our digital world.

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1. SEO

SEO is the backbone of a great beauty website. When you build a website practicing good SEO standards, you’ll guarantee searchers can find exactly what it is you are selling or writing about. Also, when a website is ranking well for a given keyword organically, that website will rank higher for paid search, like Google Ads and Bing campaigns.

While SEO takes time and patience to implement (it is an ongoing practice, after all!), the benefits to any website, especially in the competitive beauty industry, will be tenfold.

2. Blog

Tying in with SEO, having a relevant, active beauty blog is a surefire way to improve organic rankings and draw in new, top-of-funnel traffic. With a constant stream of new web activity, Google will view your site as an expert in its industry. This will lead to a higher priority over others who may not be blogging regularly. 

Not sure where to start with a beauty blog? Look to your existing channels, whether it’s YouTube, social media or good press coverage. Start out by researching and understanding the best practices on how to optimize your blog content for search engines. Make sure you have a few cornerstone blog posts that link to your external content – because outbound links also help with SEO.

You can also incorporate UGC (aka user-generated content). Ask your biggest fans to write product review articles. Or, feature a post on top UGC images from Instagram with links back to the users (getting their permission first, of course). This will all help generate interesting, relevant content and feed fresh data to Google site crawlers.

3. User Experience

User experience, or UX, is how a visitor interacts with your site and its ease of use. A positive UX leads to longer time spent on your site, trust and repeat visits. Repeat visits will likely lead to pushing visitors down the funnel to ultimately convert.

So, what makes a good user experience? Your website must be:

  • Useful
  • Usable
  • Findable
  • Credible
  • Desirable
  • Accessible
  • Valuable

Almost everyone has some story of a “horrible” or “incredible” website experience, whether the navigation was difficult to use or the search tool was inadequate. Maybe the checkout process for e-commerce sites is too cumbersome. All of these things add up and they all represent your brand. Consider working with a professional web or user experience designer at the early stages of building your website to ensure a positive user experience on your finished site.

4. Photography

We know this as fact: a picture is worth a thousand words. This could not be more true for beauty products! A well-executed photography strategy for a beauty website can make all the difference when marketing a beauty brand. Great photography is an essential part of making sure your visuals are just as pleasing as your written content and user experience. Make sure to include multiple views of your products and color swatches. This will give visitors a clear picture of what your product looks like and what it does.

Don’t forget about SEO! Make sure all your images are properly named and use keywords in <alt> tags. Making this standard protocol early on will make managing your site and product images that much easier.     

5. Product

Yup, we came back here! For your beauty website to succeed, you must have a great product.

With a vast ocean of beauty products available online, focus on your niche. What makes your brand stand out? Who is your ideal target audience? Create your product for those people. Craft your brand messaging to them. Trust us, they will listen!

The most successful beauty brands are the ones who carry their message throughout all channels of their brand presence. While it may not be what gets you shown on Google, that is what will ultimately make or break a beauty website.

Still not sure where to begin with the strategy for your beauty website?

Contact the beauty marketing experts at Taylor & Pond! Our full-service digital agency has experts in each of the areas outlined above and is ready to help take your beauty website to the next level. Learn more about Taylor & Pond and what we do here.

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