Google Rich Cards

Google Rich Cards: Stand Out in Search Results

Last updated on: 2018


Now that you have a good grasp on SEO and Google Search (if you don’t, check out this article ), it’s time to talk about making your brand stand out on the results page. The easiest way to do this? Utilize Google’s “Rich Card” feature!

So, what are Rich Cards & Rich Snippets?

Rich Cards are a feature Google uses to display information visually in search results for mobile devices. Instead of only displaying the sites Title and Description, it can display more information like an image, rating, price, and availability. These results appear more trustworthy and are more likely to be clicked on. They can make a big difference in whether a user picks your site over the competition!

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How do you get your site to display “Rich Cards”?

It’s simple! Google only needs to be able to find specific structured data on your website. Depending on what information you are trying to display (ratings, images, etc.), they have a set of data that will be necessary. This data is invisible to regular users, but can greatly help you stand out on the search results!

Read more about the data required for these rich cards here.

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