google has delayed cookie-cutting again

Google Has Delayed Cookie-Cutting Again

Last updated on: 2022


While we totally understand the rise of tech updates to address privacy concerns across internet usage, it’s starting to really affect marketing prospects! Apple’s recent updates to their operating system’s privacy have cut into targeted ads and email marketing has taken a hit in accurately measuring KPI’s. Google’s idea to cut third-party cookies from Chrome by early 2022 seemed to signal the end, but Google has delayed cookie-cutting again! We’ve done the digging to tell you…

Here’s why Google has delayed cookie-cutting again!

google has delayed cookie-cutting again

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Getting to the Bottom of the Jar

What are third-party cookies? Cookies are little bits of code that stick around with users as they browse websites. These help those of us in digital marketing clue into the likes and interests of users to target ads they’d like toward them. Google has claimed it would cut cookies from Chrome in order to create workarounds for those with privacy concerns. But that was supposed to happen earlier this year – now the new timeline shows Google has delayed cookie-cutting again for another two years.

The two-year extension comes as digital marketing faces an uphill battle with Apple’s operating system privacy updates which have allowed users to ask apps and sites not to track their usage. Facebook believes this will cost them $10 billion this year!

In Google’s Words

In Google’s press release, Google says it wants to give businesses what they need to succeed online while also improving user privacy. The Privacy Sandbox Initiative was started by Google in early 2020 as an attempt to develop “privacy-preserving alternatives” that don’t rely on cross-site tracking identifiers or fingerprinting.

However, the feedback on the Privacy Sandbox Initiative has been a resounding need for more testing time. The Privacy Sandbox API’s are already available for developers to test and Google plans to expand testing for users this August, but until 2024, third-party cookies are here to stay.  

Time to Strategize!

This means time to strategize how to get even more creative with digital marketing! Developers can already join the Sandbox and create and test strategies already in play. Although Google has delayed cookie cutting again and cookies are sticking around a while longer, now is not the time to slow down – but the innovative minds in digital marketing rarely do! 

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