Browse Websites in Gmail with New AMP Support

Last updated on: 2018


A few weeks ago, Google announced its decision to bring Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) capabilities to Gmail to allow for a more interactive and engaging experience within the email platform. AMP format was originally designed to speed up mobile page rendering by removing unnecessary clutter, but the internet powerhouse decided to extend the feature to make messages more dynamic and actionable. For now, a preview of the feature is only available for developers, but will be officially open to all companies by the end of the year.

So what kind of interactivity will the AMP feature bring to Gmail? Google says the feature will allow subscribers to do things like fill out forms, RSVP to events, schedule appointments, and browse other web content without leaving an email. Gmail has shared a few examples from the early adopters – Pinterest,, and Doodle – that are worth checking out:

Pinterest’s email allows to browse through images and click on them for details, just like you would do on the website.

Browse Pinterest through email with AMP support’s email sample shows the use of AMP to create image carousels, let subscribers view and update current deals, and manage their subscription preferences right in the email.

Browse through email with AMP support

Doodle’s email showcases subscriber’s ability to respond to a survey and manage their availability within email without visiting the website.

Browse Doodle through email with AMP support

What are the advantages of using AMP feature for online retailers? The main advantage of interactive email is increased subscriber engagement with email communication, which boosts customer loyalty. Personalization of the content will also be significantly improved, as it will be easier for subscribers to let the brand know about the content they would like to receive.  Increased engagement also will help to improve email deliverability, as Gmail tracks subscriber interactions with the email.

What’s next?

Most likely, you won’t see many AMP emails in your inbox just yet, as it’s only available through Gmail’s developers preview. However, brands should start planning potential usage of the AMP-powered email for their subscribers, and sign up and start testing the feature before it is officially launched at the end of the year.

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