Gender Marketing: Tips & Tricks on Marketing to Men in Makeup

Last updated on: 2020


What is the Secret to Marketing to Men?

Men and makeup have a long history. In 4000 BCE, Ancient Egyptians applied black kohl eyeliner to line their eyes. In the 70s and 80s, musicians such as KISS and David Bowie wore fun makeup looks for their performances. So why do men in the US seem to be completely shunned wearing makeup?

For decades, beauty companies only marketed to women.

Now, more than ever, beauty companies have been marketing to men and it’s been proven to be a very profitable area of business. Several reasons contribute to the growth of the male beauty space – everything from the rise of K-pop to the popularity of social media and YouTube influencers. Sentiments and gender perceptions about male masculinity have definitely changed, encouraging men to buy and use beauty products.

The Popularity of K-Pop

With the rise of K-pop in recent years, opinions on the male beauty space have evolved. Public sentiments on male beauty have traveled from the Asia Pacific region to around the world and have slowly been gaining acceptance amongst society. Male K-pop stars aren’t afraid to experiment and enhance their looks with lip tints and bold eyes during performances to make their overall appearance pop. With their flashy outfits and intense dance breaks, male K-pop stars use makeup to complete the look. Besides makeup, K-beauty focuses on skincare as well. Male K-pop stars prioritize having ‘glass skin’ by having an in-depth skincare routine. They also use light-coverage base makeup to enhance the appearance of ‘perfect’ skin. The popularity of K-pop has made it increasingly more common to see men wearing makeup.


The Rise of Youtube Influencers

With the popularity of social media and Youtube influencers, the public sentiment of men using beauty products has shifted. In 2016, James Charles broke stereotypes and was Covergirl’s first male spokesperson. This was a huge initial first move for men and makeup. Ever since then, James has amassed an empire of over 20 million subscribers on Youtube and consistently leads the charts on the site. Interest in male makeup has continuously increased since this revolutionary campaign and companies now run makeup ads with both genders.

Other male makeup artists like Patrick Starrr or Bretman Rock have also emerged, sharing their tips and tricks on Youtube. These male makeup artists have taken the world by storm, broadening the definition of what it means to be a ‘man’ and shifting the norm on men wearing makeup.

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