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5 Free Instagram Apps to Take Your Business Account to the Next Level

Last updated on: 2018


It only takes a few minutes of scrolling through the Instagram to realize that the app is much more than a place to upload your images. Instagram is now a top-player in businesses’ social media strategies due to its ability to tell a visual brand story and convert page visitors into followers and later, consumers. Luckily, free Instagram apps are constantly being developed to help advertisers take their accounts to the next level.

What are the best free Instagram apps to help take my account to the next level?

Check out these 5 free Instagram apps to help you establish your brand’s presence on Instagram.


This application is perfect for editing your photos to help make your products and content look its best. Choose from a variety of tools to give your photos a more professional, crisp quality, then apply one of their many filters to establish an aesthetic and color palette for your Instagram feed. Download the app on iOS and in the Google Play Store.


Graphics are a fantastic way to share a variety of messaging with your audience, from quote graphics that your followers can share and repost to promotions and announcements that are important to your business. Canva makes it easy to create all these graphics and more with its user-friendly, customizable platform. Download the app on iOS or in the Google Play Store.

Clean Repost

Reposting inspiration and user-generated content has never been more simple than with this easy-to-use app! Clean Repost allows you to search for videos and photos previously posted on Instagram via user and hashtag searches. You can then repost them to your own profile without any watermarks or tags! This is particularly great for reposting user-generated content that features your products to help your business appear more achievable and relatable to consumers. Download the app on iOS or in the Google Play Store.


Create beautiful and engaging Instagram Stories with this application’s elegant and minimal templates. Instagram Stories are growing in popularity and are great for sharing additional information about your brand and products. So why not give them a clean look to help make your brand appear more professional? Download the app on iOS or in the Google Play Store.


Now that you’ve collected and created all of your brand’s content via the previous four apps, it’s time to plan out all your videos, graphics and photos with Planoly. This scheduling tool allows you to organize your content to give your feed a cohesive flow. Planoly also allows you to enable auto-posting for your photos so that you can test what posting dates and times are best for your brand. Download the app on iOS or in the Google Play Store.

If you’re looking to establish your brand on social media and increase awareness of your business, Instagram is a great social network to do so. With the help of these 5 free apps, you can easily create engaging content that your audience will love.

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