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Favorite Festival Beauty Trends in 2022

Last updated on: 2022


Festival season has been known and parodied for its fashion – think your favorite rave wear and kandi or more boho chic style – but new colorful and unique makeup and hair trends have emerged from creative festivalgoers. The rise of social media has allowed for some of the most exciting and experimental makeup looks to be seen by and inspire more beauty fans everywhere, making new favorite festival beauty trends every day. From more colorful and decorative makeup to cute and popular hairstyles…

These are our favorite festival beauty trends this year!


Color, Color, Color!

You can see vibrant underliner or excessive eyeshadow on almost anyone on festival grounds. Makeup stencils have also made a big splash at festivals this year! Take your look even further by stenciling a cute design with liner next to your eyes.


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The pop of color on the face is a rejuvenating switch-up from a natural bronzed look, but for more subtle color, add a pretty pink to your cheeks by following the current over-blushing trend; swipe blush from the apples of the cheeks up to the temples and the crease of the eye!


Always have a flirty twinkle in your eye by applying stones around your eyes! More extreme looks like stones across both lash lines are sure to wow but adding stones regardless of pattern or even minimally still creates an exciting and dynamic shine. Many beauty fans play with the size of the stones, too, using smaller stones in cool eye looks.


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Babes with Braids

So many trendy ways to wear braids! Baby braids have lots of potential to reference 70s goddesses or 90s grunge flair. These tiny braids on either side of your face create tendrils that you can customize based on your look. Braided pigtails are also a festival favorite, extremely adorable while also practical for keeping longer hair up and off of the body on hot and sunny festival days. And who could forget bubble braids! Probably the trendiest of the trendy braids since it’s not really a braid, this fun hairstyle adds shape to hair without too much hassle. Using small clear bands, segment a section of hair into bubbles until you’ve created a full braid!


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There’s so many fun styles and trends to try with all your cute festival fashions. Let us know your favorite festival beauty trends below and tag us in your festival pics @DigitalBeautyHQ on Twitter and Instagram!

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