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Best Festival Beauty Trends to Try at Coachella

Last updated on: 2018


Ah, good ol’ Coachella season: the time of year when space buns, face glitter and flower crowns are not only socially acceptable, but all your social media feeds are literally covered with them. Coachella is one of the largest music festivals in the U.S. and its iconic presence sets the tone and trends for the year. Celebrities, influencers and your everyday-festival-attendees go all out to look their very best for Coachella, and with Beyoncé making her return, you can expect everyone to bring their beauty A-game this year. Below are our favorite tips and trends to keep your beauty game on point this year.


Goodbye flower crowns, hello space buns! This year, the hair theme for Coachella will have a large space inspired theme. This look can be achieved with fun buns, iridescent glitter, metallic hair pieces and more!

festival space buns

Image via IGK


There’s no such thing as too much glitter when it comes to Coachella. However, this year it’s all about using glitter as an accent – with the newest trend being glitter brow tips. Add a little flare to your brow game by adding a touch of glitter to the ends of your groomed brows!

Glitter Tip Brows

Image via Teen Vogue


Coachella not only lets you get creative with your dance moves but also with your beauty! Bring some artistic talent to your lips this year by picking up easy liquid liners.Take your bold lip game to the next level and create lip art!

Graffiti Lip Art

Image via Teen Vogue


Let your eyes be your festival accessory this season! Expect to see eye looks that will catch your eye with colorful under eye liner, over the top glitter accents and layers of winged eye art! Don’t forget to lock in your eye look with a solid primer and setting spray to last all day long.

Glitter Eye Makeup

Image via Elle

Glamping or Camping?!

Regardless of your sleeping status at Coachella, keep your festival glam rocking all weekend long with these beauty essentials.

Don’t be afraid to go all out this season! Festivals are the best excuse to take chances and try out those glam looks that you’ve been eyeing on your Pinterest board. Make sure to share your beauty looks with your friends and inspire them! Because if you don’t have a 30 minute Instagram story after the weekend… did you even Coachella?

Which beauty trend will you be trying out this festival season? Let us know in the comments!

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