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Five Beauty Brand Websites We Are Loving

Last updated on: 2018


Beauty is art – the beauty industry is founded on celebrating your uniqueness and creativity. This should also ring true when it comes to creating beauty websites. In a landscape where the beauty consumer tends to prefer doing online research before making the decision to purchase, building a strong digital foundation via a unique, compelling website plays an important role in capturing beauty shoppers throughout the shopping process.

Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder when it comes to what a person considers unique and compelling; however, there are a few different web design tactics that can make a website stand out from the crowd.

What tactics make a website stand out?

  •      Interactivity, transitions and motion
  •      Beautiful, quality photography and/or video
  •      Non-traditional layouts and creative uses of space
  •      Smart use of color and graphics

Let’s explore this deeper with five swoon-worthy beauty brand websites that have utilized one or more of these tactics.


Lawless Beauty

Natural AF. While this tagline may be true about Lawless Beauty’s all-natural, non-toxic cosmetics, the user experience on Lawlessbeauty.com is anything but – in all the best ways.  Every time I land on this site, I feel all the feels – it’s minimalistic, yet complex, edgy, yet fabulously chic and generally checks all the right boxes to strike an emotional response.

Right off the bat, the user is hit with a highly custom introduction to the brand and its cheeky message. The compelling web animation combined with beautiful videography and smart copy immediately draws in the audience (a great recipe for dramatically increasing online engagement!) and piques interest to keep scrolling to learn more. In addition to the compelling intro, Lawless includes subtle, gratifying animations with its product photography. Upon hovering over a lipstick tube on the homepage, the product name and a CTA to shop appears in a unique way. These little attention-grabbers further promote engagement, deliver a more enjoyable user experience and drive users to convert. To top it off, the smart use of color (or lack of it) and typography on the site drives the brand message home and really allows the beautiful product photography to shine. End result: wow-factor.

I guess you could say that Lawless breaks all the “laws” of regularity, and I just can’t get enough.

(P.S., shout out fellow #girlboss Annie Lawless, who is a force to be reckoned with.)

IGK Hair

I had never heard of IGK Hair before stumbling upon this site recently, but it has quickly become one of my favorite go-to’s when I need some inspo. This site is unique in so many ways: the creative incorporation of the brand video, interesting use of space and image placement (a broken grid layout), artistic, yet still intuitive product display pages, beautiful imagery, and fun transitions.

IGK Hair is a great example of using movement in a smart, fun and compelling way. The brand identity really shines through and the design sets IGK apart from the rest of the pack – not an easy feat for fledgling companies.

BITE Beauty

BITE Beauty is another swoon-worthy example of an edgy, fresh take on all-natural cosmetics.  BITE’s product photography dictates the entire brand experience – the images are sleek, innovative, edgy and minimalistic all at the same time, and it’s totally working for me. The products can stand on their own so strongly that the website doesn’t need fancy design elements; in fact, they might take away from the user experience. BITE’s website is digital proof that websites don’t always have to have a bunch of bells and whistles to be compelling.

NARS & Milk Makeup

NARS & Milk Makeup share the throne for best use of all design tactics. Their blending of web animation with compelling visual design is executed flawlessly. It is no surprise that these brands have established such a strong identity in the minds of consumers – their deep understanding of the psychological cues that their consumers respond to has allowed them to achieve the perfect balance of function and form.

These various design elements can be executed in so many different ways that it can, at times, be difficult to strike the right balance between providing an interesting, dynamic website and not overwhelming, confusing, or distracting the user from the intended end-goal (and, let’s face it, it’s all too easy distracted in the digital world we live in!) When used in a smart way, these elements can be a compelling way for beauty companies to encourage purchase, drive action and deliver a more enjoyable user experience.

What are your favorite sites to go to for design inspiration? What do you think they do well? Let us know in the comments!

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