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New This Week: Facebook Stories Archives

Last updated on: 2018


Over the past few weeks, Facebook rolled out a new feature, Facebook Stories archives, to users that lets you store your stories just like Instagram did late last year. This provides a functional purpose for lots of brands that use Facebook stories actively. This is a small, but relevant, addition, especially considering the growth in Stories usage on social platforms.

Your Facebook Stories archive can be found at the top of the Stories bar on your newsfeed. Check out what the feature looks like on mobile below.


Image via Tech Crunch.

Why should brands utilize the Facebook Stories archive?

While the initial idea for Stories was to create immediate, disappearing content, it can be difficult to allocate time for creating them, knowing they’ll be gone the next day. However, utilizing the Facebook Stories archive, you can more easily re-use your best-performing Stories. Additionally, you will be able to keep past Stories for reference so you can better analyze what kind of content performs best and what does and does not resonate with your audience. Facebook still doesn’t have the Highlights option like Instagram, but with the constant demand for Stories on many platforms, I am sure it will arrive soon.

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