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New This Week: Facebook Creator Studio Updates 2019

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It’s one small step for social media managers, one large leap for social media scheduling.

It seems to be the most simple problem to fix. Why can’t we just schedule social posts through Instagram? 

Well, Facebook has finally (sort of) made our dreams come true. If you’re a business profile and have the Creator Studio desktop function, you are now officially able to schedule Instagram and IGTV posts! This is a major step in Facebook Creator Studio updates that have come out this past year. 

For years, social media managers have struggled with various scheduling platforms because of Instagram’s API restrictions. These rules don’t allow the user to see a 100% accurate representation of how the post will actually look on their feed. Problems with image quality and missed posts are the biggest complaint when it comes to third-party schedulers. 

What are the new Facebook Creator Studio updates for 2019?

With this new function, you’re able to get a clear picture (pun intended) on how your image will look on Instagram and higher reliability that your post will go up at the right time. Another positive feature for users is the new ability to schedule multiple photos in one post. Most third party schedulers require carousels to be manually posted, so this saves time and added stress. 

Facebook Creator Studio updates

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However, third-party schedulers have seemingly mastered engagement analytics, while Instagram’s insights don’t go very far in depth. The Creator Studio only shows analytics over a seven-day period, unlike other applications that can follow your social engagement over a span of months. We recommend downloading the Creator Studio and giving it a try with this new scheduling function even if it’s only for the carousel post function. 

It’s too early to say if this new function will be successful in terms of engagement rates and overall functionality, but for now, it’s a step in the right direction for social media managers everywhere. 

What else can the Facebook Creator Studio do? 

Business profile users typically utilize the Creator Studio for answering direct messages because of the easier sorting process. Also, influencers find it helpful when organizing their posts and seeing general engagement trends. Read more about its capabilities here.

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