New this Week - Facebook Audience Updates

New This Week: Facebook Audience Updates

Last updated on: 2018


Facebook has undoubtedly been making big changes on their platform. Since January of this year, the platform has made huge efforts to protect their users, and prioritize user’s friends and family posts over advertising due to many complaints. Most recently, Facebook announced that they will be disabling the use of all third-party audiences for user privacy protection. (Need a refresh? Check this article out for a rundown.) This has left advertisers across the board weary on how they will adapt their brand strategy and targeting information. Brands who rely on Facebook advertising have already seen huge hits to their ROI.

What now for the advertising that keeps Facebook free for users?

Keep reading to see what changes Facebook is making to help their advertisers in spite of these drastic changes.

New Audiences in Beta Testing

Facebook is currently testing a new custom audience that targets people who have seen an ad you have previously run. With the new changes in advertising scopes, this will aid advertisers in increasing their paid reach. It will also help advertisers understand if their new targets are valuable and resulting in an acceptable ROI.

A Personal Catalog Experience: Placement Asset Customization for Placement Optimization

Facebook created shopping templates for collection ads that enable advertisers to deliver a digital version of what we all know as Print Catalogs. Although this ad type is not technically new, it now has a new feature embedded into it where advertisers can utilize Canvas to personalize these catalogs to their consumers. (Canvas uses the same product insights engine that powers other ad types such as dynamic ads on Facebook.) This will allow the catalog to show the targeted audience the parts of the catalog most relevant to them, based on their ever-evolving interests and shopping behaviors. The ads will be available both within mobile News Feed and in the full screen experience.

Facebook’s “Measure What Matters” Initiative

With the new rules and regulations, Facebook is, now more than ever, trying to provide advertisers and brands with information to best serves their needs. The new “Measure What Matters” initiative is a hub within Facebook for Business. It features a section called “Prime Time Anytime” that aims to educate and supplement all advertisers with the knowledge and research they need to accurately create, track, and report on their advertising. You can check out this feature in detail here.

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