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How to Optimize Facebook Ads Targeting to Find Your Most Engaged Audiences

Last updated on: 2018


There’s no doubt that running Facebook ads is an incredibly effective way to grow your business’ online presence and drive sales to your website. However, the audience targeting you choose can make or break your campaign. Here are three tips for optimizing your Facebook ad targeting to help you reach the audience that will resonate with your content.

How to Research Demographics with Audience Insights

The Facebook Audience Insights tool is available to all accounts with Ad Manager access and is meant to help marketers understand their target audiences’ interests and behaviors. This tool collects a variety of information from Facebook users, including:

  • Demographics: Age and gender, education, relationship status, job role, location, language
  • Page Likes: The top Facebook Pages liked by your chosen audiences, listed by category and relevance
  • Facebook Usage: Frequency of Facebook logins and preferred devices for logging into Facebook
  • Purchase Behaviors: Past shopping activity and patterns, and preferred methods of purchase (in-store, online, via apps, etc.)

Experiment with this tool to get a better understanding for what your audience is interested in and what your business can do to pique their interest.

Retarget Your Website Visitors

Facebook provides businesses with the opportunity to track ad-driven website conversions and traffic directly on the platform with Facebook Ad Pixels. A Facebook pixel is a string of code that is triggered when a customer takes an action after seeing your Facebook ad and collects data about how users are interacting with your website. This is not only extremely useful information for website optimization, but it also allows marketers to create custom audiences from website visitors that have been tracked through the pixel. With Custom Audiences, you can retarget website visitors to ensure that your business remains at top of mind of consumers and increase the probability of a completed conversion.

Experiment with Split Tests

Once you’ve created a few audiences to target with Facebook ads, it’s time to put them to the into action with split testing. Split testing lets you test variables and analyze performance to help you improve future campaigns. To start a split test, create multiple ad sets with the same formatting and then switch a single variable. You can test a variety of variables on your advertisements, from audience targeting to ad creative and captions, to understand which audiences are more likely to become potential customers and what visuals or verbiage resonates best with them.

Thorough research, retargeting and experimentation on Facebook Ads Manager will provide your business with the necessary insights to help you find your most engaged audiences.

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