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New This Week: Facebook Ads Manager Updates

Last updated on: 2018


Facebook announced that over the next month, there will be a Facebook Ads Manager update rolled out to all business profile ad accounts with the goal of making ads reporting more efficient and easy to understand. By combining the best of the Power Editor and Ads Manager, the platform hopes to create a more seamless experience for advertisers. (Need a rundown of other recent ads manager changes? Check this article out.)

What kind of Facebook Ad Manager updates should be expected over the next month?


Simplified Ways to Create and Manage Ads

“To help you focus on the metrics that matter most to you, we’re adding a feature that enables you to drag and drop metrics to customize your report. This new Ad Reporting experience will enable you to analyze dimensions such as age, gender, placement and more to better understand how your ad performed,” says a news release from the platform.

You can check out what this new experience looks like below.  

Facebook Ads Manager Update

This new layout lets you easily see what ad set you are working on and relieves you from having to flip back and forth from tab to tab. Having all of the information in one place will more easily allow advertisers to “view, navigate and access common actions like duplicate or delete for your campaign, ad sets and ads.” Check out the example below to see how to navigate making changes on campaigns.

Facebook Ad manager updates

Visually Understand Ad Performance

In addition to a more simplified ad creation experience, Facebook has introduced Creative Reporting to help advertisers better understand what imagery and copy perform the best for their selected audience. By listing the ad’s headline, text, call-to-action and image or video, advertisers can easily compare what was successful and what was not. You can check out an example of what this looks like below.

Facebook Ads Manager updates

To learn more about these Ads Manager updates, visit the Facebook Advertiser Help Center.

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