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HO-HO-How To Elevate Your Holiday Content

Last updated on: 2021

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It’s almost the most wonderful time of the year! We’re sharing holiday content secrets to help your brand create some holiday magic this year.

Keep reading to see how we keep our holiday content poppin’!

Plan Ahead

When it comes to social media, it’s a lot easier to schedule your content ahead of time in order to make something impactful. Plan out the holiday (or holidays) that you want to celebrate and give yourself enough time to work things out and execute a cool idea.

We use @planoly or @sprout, but there are plenty of other options here.

Pick a Theme

Picking a theme will not only elevate your content, but it’ll also connect all the assets you plan on posting in a cohesive way. First, decide if you’ll be celebrating a specific holiday (.e.g. Christmas, or Hanukkah) or simply “holidays” in general.

Then, create content specific to that theme or take it one step further and decide on a look. Are we doing dogs in cute Christmas sweaters or pouring snow on absolutely everything we have on set? You can also get a little more creative and bring some models into the mix that fit the bill.

Here is a link to one of our clients that did a “Sexy Santa Claus” photoshoot for its holiday product drop.

Do Your Research from Previous Celebrations

While these days, it’s hard to have a truly original idea, it’s always best to look back at the year before to see what hit and what didn’t. Additionally, use your research as inspiration to make a pinboard of your ideas, so you have something to reference in the next step.

Go Shopping (In Other WordsGet That Tinsel, Y’all)

In the true holiday spirit, you’ll need to acquire props, digital assets, set dressings, and a wardrobe that fits your theme if you really want to take it to the next level. There is no such thing as too many wardrobe options!

In order to execute, you’ll need to have everything listed above organized and ready to be pulled for your shoot easily. If you’re making motion graphics or assets, make sure you are keeping folders that correspond with each asset that you are creating!

Have Fun

Remember that the holidays are really about good vibes and being with the people you love; however, that is possible. It’s important to create great content, but it’s more important to have a great time creating it.

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