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5 Tips for an Effective Logo Design

Last updated on: 2019

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Designing a logo is an intimidating project; it’s the symbol that will represent your brand through various platforms for an indefinite amount of time. A successful logo will cultivate recognition and an image aligned with your product or service values. Whether you have no idea where to start or have several vague concepts, we’ve got you covered. Here are a few expert tips to keep in mind while on your path to creating a valuable and effective logo design.

How do I create an effective logo design?

1. Authentic

Your logo is your identity, so you should give some thought and discovery time to the design. Opting for the easy, generic route by making a shape with text in it and calling it a day will surely get your logo overlooked. Going for a more personalized design, such as custom typography, is a good way to stand out. If custom type isn’t an option, try to avoid using generic typefaces.

Example: Custom, Classic, All-American

coca cola logo

2. Relevant

The design of your logo should be pertinent to your product or service. Your logo should have some meaning consistent with your brand objectives. The goal of your logo should follow these three things: Tell the world who you are, what you do and what benefits your audience.

Example: Sharp angle in “G” and “i” to emphasize razor brand company.

gilette logos

3. Simplistic

Brand recognition is often obtained by a clean, minimalistic logo. Keeping your logo contemporary, with longevity and future in mind, will make a lasting impression. Making your logo easy to remember also encourages audience loyalty. Another thing to consider is that a simple design will save you money over time. If your logo proves to be ineffective, more money would go into another design and re-applications (new marketing material, new packaging, etc.)

Example: The Chanel logo created in 1925.

chanel logo

4. Scalable

A good logo is able to be resized to be published different media. Take into account all the places you might be applying your logo to – tiny display ads, business cards, pens, pins, you name it. Wherever you decide to present your logo, it needs to look good in any size.

Example: Beats by Dre’s logo is clearly visible on small surface. Fun fact: The Beats logo is a person’s head wearing headphones (circle encasing the “b”).

beats logo

5. Meaningful Color Palette

If your design has a strong composition, it will look acceptable in plain black and white. I recommend leaving color selection toward the end. While choosing your color scheme, know the essence of your brand and recognize the essence of colors you intend to use. Certain colors can invoke certain emotions. Colors that convey your vision at a glance will engage the public and make your logo memorable.

Example: The colors red and yellow stimulate hunger. Other restaurant logos with similar color schemes include McDonald’s, In-N-Out, Carl’s Jr.

burger king logo

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