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4 Ways the Beauty Industry Is Becoming More Eco-Friendly

Last updated on: 2018


In recent years, a precedent has been put on skincare and cosmetic brands (and the beauty industry as a whole) to reevaluate their practices and adopt more eco-friendly policies. With consumers that are more interested in reducing their carbon-footprint and protecting the environment than ever, it is essential for companies to take into account how their current approach affects the environment. Here are five ways different companies in the beauty industry are going green.

Saying Goodbye to Microbeads

In 2015, the US Congress passed the Microbead-Free Waters Act of 2015, effectively banning companies from using plastic microbeads (the hard granules in many of your favorite exfoliators) in their products. These beads, when rinsed away from your skin into the sink or shower, make their way to our waterways en masse. They can be eaten by animals who mistake them for food, contaminate water with toxins and overall pollute the environment. As of July 2018, brands will no longer be able to sell these products and retailers will not be able to stock them on shelves. Hooray for safer waters for our fish friends!

Here are some of our favorite eco-friendly microbead-free exfoliators:

Utilizing Recycled, Recyclable, and Reusable Packaging

Through the years, the world has realized how terrible plastic is for the environment. Not only does it take over landfills, but plastic can also pose a threat to animals that get caught in it or mistake it for food. Many industries have already made the switch to recycled plastics or make an effort to encourage customers to bring reusable bags. Given the nature of beauty products is to use up and replace, the industry adds a significant amount of plastic to the environment when not utilizing recyclable or reusable packaging.

You can check out five brands that use recyclable packaging here.

Increase Use of Natural and Organic Ingredients

Coconut, sea salt, essential oils, oh my! The increase in demand for natural and organic products and ingredients over the past few years is a result of a more general knowledge on just how many toxic chemicals are in our favorite cosmetic formulations. These toxins can have a variety of effects on your health, and many consumers are choosing to stay away from them completely.

You can check out a list of our favorite green beauty products here.

The Rise of Cruelty-Free and Vegan Products

We all love our furry friends! The beauty industry has taken note that its customers feel strongly about using products that don’t test on animals or use animal byproducts. Many companies have converted their entire offering to be cruelty-free and vegan, and many are well on their way to making the switch.

Here are some of our favorite cruelty-free and vegan beauty brands:

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