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How To Easily Download Instagram Content for Regrams

Last updated on: 2018


Instagram is the world’s most popular photo sharing app; with its visual marketing component, it is no wonder there are over 800+ million users on the platform. The application allows users to express their creative freedom and give others a peek into their everyday lives. For businesses, brands and influencers alike, having an aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed is key to a successful marketing strategy.

Sharing user generated content (UGC) or inspirational photos created by another user entices the consumer, creates a sense of trustworthiness and builds an all-around better feed.

How can I easily download Instagram content?

Downloading these photos to share is very simple! Remember to never screenshot as this will decrease the quality of the photo. Here are some ways to easily save Instagram photos & videos!

Instagram Photo Downloader – doesn’t require downloading software to run, which makes downloading Instagram photos a bit less risky and, not to mention, much easier. To download an Instagram photo, simply paste the Instagram URL in the text box and then hit go.

Instagram Video Downloader –

This website is a wonderful tool to help you easily download videos from Instagram. You simply copy and paste the Instagram URL into the text box and you can download Instagram video in few seconds. The website also gives you the option to download MP3, MP4 and photos.

Download Straight from Instagram

If you’re not afraid of a little bit of code, you can always download straight from Instagram! Using a desktop, follow the below steps:

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Select the photo that you wish to download and right-click and select “Open in new tab”

Step 3: Right-click the photo, and then click View Page Source.

Step 4: Locate the section of code that starts with <meta property=”og:image“.

Step 5: Copy the link that follows the “content=” after the meta property tag until you see a common photo extension, specifically JPG or PNG.

Step 6: Paste the link into your browser and hit enter.

Step 7: After this, you will be taken to a page with your desired photo.

Step 8: To save the photo, right-click the image, and select Save Image As.

Step 9: All done!

Now that you have these tools, downloading Instagram content will be a piece of cake! Which website do you plan on using to download content from?

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