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5 Perks of Having a Dog-Friendly Office

Last updated on: 2020

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Perks of Having a Dog-Friendly Office

Imagine walking into work. You’re tired, you haven’t had your coffee yet, and it’s only Monday… ugh. You put your bag down at your desk and sit down. But then, you turn around and you’re greeted by a wagging tail and a smiling and happy face. Your furry friend jumps into your lap and licks your face as if to say, “I’m so excited to see you and I’m so happy you’re here!” Like magic, your mood is lifted, your stress melts away, and you’re actually excited to be at work! 

How can working in a dog-friendly office make you more productive?

1. Dogs improve your mood

Studies have shown that dogs in the workplace may actually provide a significant improvement in mental health. Additionally, the presence of a dog may reduce anxiety and depression, which can be extremely valuable in a high-stress job. A pet-friendly workspace often promotes employee satisfaction, happiness, focus and drive to perform better at work.


2. Dogs can promote healthy social interaction

Pets bring people together! Having a dog in the workspace makes it easier to create connections and encourages an atmosphere of teamwork and communication. This is especially true if you’re an introvert or not confident in social situations. Since collaboration is extremely important for a productive workspace, this is really valuable to make healthy connections with teammates.

3. Having pets in the office may increase employee performance

Employees of a pet-friendly office are more likely to look forward to going to work (I know I do!) When you know that a happy, excited pup is waiting for you at work, it increases the chances of wanting to get to work earlier or stay later.  In many instances, employees have also reported a higher rate of performance due to lower instances of stress and anxiety.

4. Pets stimulate creativity

Believe it or not but your furry friend can actually inspire you to be more creative! When I’m feeling like I can’t get inspired, I grab our office pup, Hashtag, and plop her in my lap and take a mental break. These “brain breaks” or natural pauses from work, encourage your creative juices to flow. What better way to spend your break than playing with a pup?

5. It makes the workplace more enjoyable

When I’m at work and Hashtag jumps onto the couch beside me and curls up, I instantly feel my stress is lifted. As I type with one hand and pet her with the other, I am content doing the work that I’m doing because I have the comfort of a warm pup beside me. I love coming to work and knowing that she’ll be there to greet me when I come in!

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