status update digital marketing in august 2022

Status Update: Digital Marketing in August 2022

Last updated on: 2022


There’s been so much news in digital marketing in August 2022! From updated shopping trends to new tools created to improve the online shopping and marketing experiences… 

Here’s an update on all things new in digital marketing in August 2022!

digital marketing in august 2022

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Shopify Shows Off with Shopify Collabs

We’re loving the rise of shoppable content! Shopify is the newest platform to implement the widely successful marketing tool. In mid-August, Shopify launched Shopify Collabs, a new feature that will connect content creators with Shopify merchants. This is a great tool for content creators to more easily make profitable shoppable content and for merchants to capitalize off of this successful content! The feature will match creators and merchants based on shared passions, sensibilities and career goals. It will be exciting to see how this feature could help Shopify compete with giants like TikTok as they continue to grow!

digital marketing in august 2022

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Facebook Forecloses Live Shopping

Shoppable content is not going anywhere…but live shopping is. Earlier this August, Facebook announced that their live shopping feature would shut down on October 1. Short-form shoppable content continues to dominate; although live streaming had its day, user trends continue to move more toward content from TikTok and content that could be on TikTok. Live features aren’t going anywhere, but the ability to create product playlists and tagging products in the live feed are soon to be no more.

digital marketing in august 2022

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Ulta Unveils UB Media

Ulta Beauty just made a HUGE announcement – UB Media is live! Using the data from their rewards program, Ultamate Rewards, UB Media takes Ulta Beauty’s relationship with their brands to the next level. By tapping into UB Media, advertisers will have access to data drawing on over 37 million consumer profiles that can better inform campaigns in display, video, social media and influencer marketing! Like shoppable content, retail media networks are on the rise because of the marketing precision and audience tailoring they provide. Ulta Beauty claims that Ultamate Rewards is the largest in the beauty category, too – there’s so much potential with UB Media!

What’s the most exciting news you heard about digital marketing in August 2022? There’s so much going on with shoppable content and improving marketing precision, we want to hear it all!

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