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Creating Holiday Content That Converts

Last updated on: 2022


In our digital world, with glossy product photos and enticing sales videos crowding our screens on a daily basis, most of us are so inundated with promotional content that it becomes white noise. The holidays represent a unique opportunity for beauty brands to engage customers in new ways by offering seasonal specials like holiday gift guides and gift sets, but with so many businesses implementing the same marketing strategies, it remains a challenge for retailers to set their products apart from their competitors’. Of course, that’s the goal of effective marketing campaigns: creating holiday content that converts, making consumers stop what they’re doing and pay attention. How do major players in the beauty world go about accomplishing this, you ask? That’s exactly what I wanted to find out.

Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at the process for creating holiday content that converts!



Beauty marketing is a year-round endeavor with endless possibilities, which is both exciting and overwhelming. When it comes to advertising, the holidays offer a promotional structure that can prove helpful in guiding the creative trajectory of a campaign. Taylor & Pond’s very own photographer Pamela Lopez shared her insight on the matter: “I love when we have a theme to shoot, like Christmas, because it allows us to play more with our creativity.” On the flip side, Lopez noted that holiday marketing presents its own set of difficulties. “It’s a challenge when we have to compose the [holiday] images since we have more decorative elements,” she explained. Check out this exclusive behind-the-scenes video of Lopez and her team shooting holiday content for skincare brand Bio-Oil alongside the finished product. We’re loving the festive orange ornaments!

And a closer look:


If you’re selling skincare for dry weather, creating a wintertime sales campaign is fairly straightforward; but if you’re trying to market a warm-weather product like self-tanner, things get a bit more complicated. That’s precisely the hurdle Lopez and her team had to overcome when creating a holiday advertisement for SOL by Jergens. “Making SOL look Christmassy is a challenge since it’s the complete opposite of Christmas/Winter,” she said. “But I think the result was balanced between the theme and the style of the brand.” The creative team’s attention to detail is downright impressive, from the hand-sprinkled silver confetti to the painstaking smoothing of the sand with a makeup brush. Take a look at this BTS:

And the final result:

Now that’s a good-looking holiday marketing campaign. Consider me hooked.  

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