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New This Week: How to Create a Beauty Tik Tok Page

Last updated on: 2020


The wave of Tik Tok is here. You may be trying to avoid the video-sharing app as much as possible or scoff it off as a Gen Z fad, but beauty brands have already begun to share with Tik Tok’s one billion active users. It’s everywhere and it needs your beauty brand’s attention.

Here are tips to consider when building your beauty Tik Tok page: 

1. The Less Info, The Better: This may sound a little counter-intuitive. How are you supposed to drive sales, if you can’t go into detail about your product’s benefits? The key point of Tik Tok, though, is not to drive direct sales—it’s meant to build brand awareness while establishing a voice in the community. Save sitting down and explaining key ingredients to Youtube or IGTV. Tik Tok should be used for some #oddlysatisfying lip swatches, behind the scenes office shenanigans or your morning beauty routine.

2. Be Trendy Without Forcing It: Don’t try to force a sound that doesn’t fit in your company. For reference, a “sound” on Tik Tok is a snippet of a song or audio recording that you can lip-sync over. If it doesn’t match your company’s values or tone, just skip it. Chances are, a new song or audio will come along that will work perfectly with your team. Don’t be afraid to go outside your comfort zone—Tik Tok is meant to be silly! Benefit Cosmetics does this really well.

3. Post Consistently: This should be a no-brainer for any brand on social media, but posting consistently makes a huge difference in engagement. To avoid being a one-hit-wonder, record a few videos at once and save them to your drafts. (Tik Toks are only a minute long! ) That way, you can post twice a week without skipping a beat. Side note: Not every video needs production-quality effects. Shooting it on a high-quality iPhone camera will work just fine!

4. Create a Challenge: So how does your brand reach an even wider audience? Challenges! These have been around social media for years. Take Urban Decay for an example. They started the #AllNightLegend challenge on TikTok as a $500 product giveaway. All participants had to do was upload a video using a specific song with the Urban Decay branded hashtag in the caption. Simple, but major. As of January, there have already been over 2,000 videos. They partnered with Tik Tok influencers to promote the hashtag and use the product so they can grow the popularity. Other challenges to look at: Elf’s “#eyeslipsface and Mac Cosmetics’  “#MACHALLOWEEN.”

5. Have Fun: Tik Tok is meant to be weird. Its charm is in the fact that it shows a more relatable, funny and strange side of people. Your social media team shouldn’t be the only ones partnering on content – involve the rest of your office for more collaboration and humor. Important: Make sure to binge watch Tik Toks for inspiration! 

Check out a playlist of my personal favorite videos from Urban Decay and Benefit Cosmetics below!

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