How to Create Dynamic Videos With Music and Sound Design

Last updated on: 2020


Take a minute to think about your favorite movies. For some they will be funny, others it may be scary. It could be that your favorite movies are just downright, a visual masterpiece! These movies have an unseen and often unrecognized aspect that creates an immersive and dynamic feel that separates them from the pack. This is often the film’s music choice and sound design. As a digital media producer for some of the most iconic beauty brands, my goal is to make my videos as dynamic and engaging for the viewer as possible. This is where I lean into my song selection and post-production sound design for my social media videos.

Why is music and sound design so important?

Previously, we covered why your brand needs to add music to its social content.  Now let talk about using the perfect song! The song selection is easily one of the most important, yet difficult parts when editing a video. The wrong song choice could leave the viewer feeling confused and dissatisfied. It’s not about choosing a song that everyone is going to love. It’s about finding one that elevates the visuals at hand. 

How do you find the perfect song?

For me, the best place to start is in the pre-production phase before I even hit record. This is when my team and I determine the tone of the video, shot selection, and pacing. Learn more about our creative process in our guide for filming beauty brands! Once the production phase is complete, I move into post-production, where I begin by scrubbing the footage and picking out the best shots. During this process, I like to play my favorite artists or songs in the background to help get the creative juices flowing! At this point, I have a vision of the final product and begin searching for music to help tell the story. Most creators will agree that looking for the right song is one of the hardest parts of the editing process, and unfortunately, there is no shortcut around it. My best recommendation is to search until you find something you love versus settling for something that will work and trust me, you will know when you have found the right song!

Finally, incorporate subtle sound effects behind the audio that complement the scenes to really take your video to the next level. This is one of my favorite parts of the editing process because there are endless possibilities for what you can do, and a little goes a long way.

The following videos below are a great example of how song choice and sound design help elevate the visuals!


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