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Cosmoprof Bologna 2018

Last updated on: 2018

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“It’s Disneyland for a creative person” – Mia DelCasino, Creative Director at Taylor & Pond.  

You are bombarded by good design, interesting products, beautiful booths, innovative ideas for packaging and the list goes on. Cosmoprof Bologna 2018 was both inspiring, eye opening and a window into the multi-billion-dollar industry of beauty. With 2,822 companies from 70 countries exhibiting, I was one of 250,000 professional visitors able to see the latest products and newest brands, as well as the newest trends in packaging. Cosmoprof is a city in and of itself; a visit to this cosmetic wonderland will definitely change your perspective and understanding of such an awe-inspiring industry.  

As I walked from building to building and booth to booth, I realized how each brand is a unique “experience” in and of itself.  Their booth and packaging were a great example of this is a new skin care brand called /skin regimen/. It reaffirmed for me the importance of differentiating your brand from the rest to make a solid and lasting impact on your buyers. It’s not just about a cool logo anymore. Cosmoprof is proof that brands need to create an entire “experience” for their customers. This subject was touched upon in the AI (Artificial Intelligence) talks at Cosmoprof, but I will save that for another post.

“The beauty of having most of our clients be beauty brands and being so deeply involved in their online presence is that we, as an agency, are better able to differentiate them from each other. It allows us to find each brand’s unique position better than any other agency in the world.  Greater exposure to brands gives us a greater power to observe what makes them unique and create content that capitalizes on those unique qualities.”

It’s a fun and exciting time to work in the beauty industry and Cosmoprof Bologna 2018 was definitely a creatively inspiring experience that I hope to be a part of for many years to come.

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