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How To Choose The Right Content Calendar Template

Last updated on: 2018

Agency Life

Let me guess… you’ve spent the last few months frantically searching for a way to get your content organized? Look no further than our holy grail of organization: the content calendar. (If you’re not sure what a content calendar is, check out this post on it here!). Now that you’ve taken the first step by admitting you need a content calendar, it’s time to choose the right template. You can create your own content calendar template that you use month to month, or you can keep reading and easily download your perfect fit!

What’s The Best Content Calendar Template?

This is a question with an answer that varies by user. There’s a plethora of content calendar templates out there, so be sure to pick one that fits exactly what your brand needs. (More likely than not, you will have to tweak a few things to tailor your content calendar in terms of organization.) Down below we’re giving you a breakdown of our favorite content calendar templates.


The HubSpot blog offers an Excel template that is easily customizable to your brand’s demands. This template is incredibly user friendly and free, which is why it tops my list. There is a color coding key built in to the template that is customizable to what your brand needs, as well as different worksheet tabs for your different social channels. This content calendar template is an easy way to keep all of your social content planned, organized and deliberate. Read more about HubSpot’s template and download it here!

The CoSchedule Blog

The CoSchedule Blog offers a quite a few excel templates, however, the one I’ve chosen for this article is for those of you who like everything to be clean, organized and easy-to-find in one place. This template differs from the HubSpot template in that all of your social content is all gathered on one worksheet. It breaks down each individual day by social platform, and gives you a space to have your content, image, time for posting, etc. separated and organized within your template. You can easily see what your scheduling to be posted on a given day between Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. This allows you to make sure that your content is not redundant and you can stay on top of all important dates (like sales and holidays). This template is free, organized and customizable and has proven to be a valuable tool. Read more about The CoSchedule Blog’s content calendar template and download it here. I suggest you take some time and look around their website a bit more as well; they have quite a few content calendar templates that are worth checking out!


If you’re on this website, you’ve probably heard of Hootsuite. Hootsuite is the most popular social media tool in the world with more than ten million users worldwide. The Hootsuite calendar is a bit different than the two listed above in that it uses ‘streams’ rather than a calendar style layout. To keep everything separate and organized, each stream has an individual social network. Hootsuite also has an auto scheduling feature that absolutely ensures you don’t miss any plans and helps you maintains your digital presence. Hootsuite is the perfect tool for a large team or agency. The platform allows you to schedule updates, delegate tasks, and manage multiple channels in one place. Learn more about Hootsuite here!

Still Not Sure Why You Need a Content Calendar?

If you’ve read up on the above but still aren’t sure why you need a content calendar, read this article to learn more about scheduling out content!