Mane Event: Coloring Your Hair At Home

The Mane Event: Coloring Your Hair At Home

Last updated on: 2020


I’m just going to come out and say it; I MISS MY HAIRSTYLIST!

COVID-19 has done more than disrupt my social life. Miss Rona is ruining my hair. And that I cannot abide. If you’re like me and dealing with dull, boring locks, don’t worry.

Here are some tips on how to add a little color and shine to your hair from home.


Look, here’s the deal. At-home hair color gets a bad rep, but if you know your basics and choose the right products, it can be a fun, painless way to change up your look!

I recommend keeping things subtle when selecting your shade and product type. Whenever I need a little change, I always reach for Clairol’s Natural Instincts ✨ It’s a semi-permanent hair color, which means it’s temporary and doesn’t have any ammonia! It lasts only 28 washes and is full of all sorts of yummy, hair-loving ingredients like coconut oil.

The Mane Event: Color Your Hair At Home

Courtesy // @ClairolColor

This color line has 54 super cute colors, including the yummiest, rose gold shade oh-em-geeeeee. That said, it’s essential (especially for a hair color newbie) to stick to the two-shade rule. Selecting a hair color, either two shades above or two shades below your current color will give you the most accurate and predictable results!

What’s awesome about Natural Instincts is that you can play within the two shades and add a little shine and dimension. Sometimes I select a shade that matches my current blonde and use it as a gloss. You won’t experience a major color change. Instead, you will have a gorgeous shine.

10/10 basic gals would recommend.

Once you settle on your shade, it’s time to apply! Here are some application tips:


Gather your supplies: Dark towels, comb, and hair clips (wine is optional, but highly recommended) —layout the contents in the color box in numeric order on the containers. Take out the gloves and directions. Read the directions! Let me say that one more time, Read. The. Directions.


‘Tis not the moment to lose track of time. Whip out that phone timer. Processing times are crucial when coloring. Make sure you have your time down!


Not that any of us have washed our hair in like a week (let’s be real) but refrain from coloring freshly shampooed hair. The shampoo will remove the natural oils that help protect your scalp during the coloring process.


  1. First, focus on your roots! Part your hair and work from front to back while applying the color. Once your roots are fully saturated, let it vibe. The new growth takes a bit longer to process compared to your ends.
  2. Are your roots good to go? Great! Now go for it! Work the rest of the color throughout your hair from root to tip. Make sure you saturate your whole head with the product and let it develop for the time listed on your directions.
  3. Finally, rinse and keep rinsing until that water is crystal clear, baby! Wrap up the coloring process with a quarter-sized amount of the Color Treat Conditioner and consult your directions and let it sit for the appropriate amount of time. Follow up once a week after shampooing with the leftover Color Treat Conditioner.

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