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Coachella Beauty Trends Recap 2018

Last updated on: 2018


Beyoncé may have stolen the show this year but Coachella 2018 was all glitter EVERYTHING as fans and celebrities ditched their flower crowns and loaded on the shimmer. Although glitter was an essential, the makeup scene was a quite subdued due to the bold hairstyles and funky fashion everyone brought to the table. A few weeks ago we shared what beauty trends we expected to see, and now after two weekends of Coachella we’ve pulled together some of our favorite looks below!

Coachella 2018 Hair Trends

Festivals are a great time to experiment with your look, and what better way than to try something new with your hair do. The Sephora Tent assisted fans in creating their own unique style at the event! Check out what go-to products Sephora employees never forget to pack for festival weekends.

Space Buns & Double Braids

Space buns for the WIN! This trendy hairstyle makes it easy to dance to your favorite artists while still looking like a star yourself.

Coachella space buns

Photo via Refinery29

Space buns were closely followed by the double power pigtails. Another great style that keeps your hair out of your eyes and not sticking to your face in the desert heat!

Coachella pigtails

Photo via Refinery29

Rainbow Hair

Colorful hair was a hit at Coachella, from Kylie Jenner’s pink wig to hints of watercolor shades of pink and purple.

Kylie Jenner pink wig

Photo via Allure 

Coachella rainbow hair

Photo via Refinery29

90’s Inspo

Bella Hadid and Hailey Baldwin created throwback Chella glam with their 90s-inspired scrunchies paired with Levis.

Bella Hadid Hailey Baldwin Coachella

Photo via gotceleb

Coachella 2018 Beauty Trends

Everyone’s festival glam was all about that GLOW! During week one, Beyoncé’s makeup artist, Sir John, said “I walked out into the field yesterday and it was so cool to see so much makeup — seeing everyone wearing glitter as highlighter.”


Feeling bad for the festival cleanup crew is an understatement this year as glitter took over Coachella. The extreme highlight on cheekbones was a popular placement for glitter accents but fans didn’t stop there. Many people applied glitter to their body, hair and lips as well!

Coachella sparkles

Photo via refinery29

Dense Crystals

When glitter wasn’t enough, people took it up a notch this year with crystals. Many fans and influencers including Bella Thorne and Cardi B were spotting wearing bold, blinged-out beauty looks for the festival.

Coachella crystals

Photo via Hannah Stocking

With flower crowns in the dust and space buns taking over, we are excited to see what looks other festival trends we’ll see this summer. Tell us your favorite beauty trend from this year’s festival in the comments below!