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Why Clinical Trials Are Crucial in the Beauty Industry

Last updated on: 2018


To what extent do you truly believe in the benefits and claims of your favorite beauty products? A better question would be, how many times have you felt uncertain to spend your money on an anti-aging cream or a moisturizing serum despite a long and detailed product description? I would bet the answer is more than a few times. While some of the beauty brands have adopted a method of demonstrating the real life results through clinical trials, not enough brands have taken the advantage of making clinical trial results available for the consumers. Let’s see how brands have used clinical trials to successfully support the claims and benefits of their bestsellers.

Why are clinical trials helpful for the consumers?

There are different types of clinical trials that reveal various aspects of makeup and skincare products. From dermal safety studies to efficacy testing and claims substantiation, clinical trials in the beauty industry provide comprehensive data that increases credibility for the products and the brand in general. With the information provided to them, consumers can see the real life results with their own eyes. The detailed statistics and the graphic illustrations included in clinical trial results certainly provide a better understanding of the true benefits.

Why should brands use clinical trials?

The combination of a smart marketing campaign and an extensive clinical trial would definitely make the new customers to want to learn about the brand and create a loyal consumer group who is more likely to purchase the products. This means that clinical trials would be the best tool to push the consumers down the purchase funnel effectively through logic and hard facts.

What brand does it best?

Clinical trials are especially important for skincare brands, as it is rare for even skincare enthusiasts to see the visible effects on their skin. If the brand is able to effectively document how its product works magic on their skin, the consumers would be more tempted to take action and possibly add the item to their wish list. Take a look at how Nion Beauty utilizes its clinical trial results to endorse the benefits and claims of their proprietary technology and anti-aging skincare facial and body brushes. By comparing before and after images of using the Opus Luxe and the Opus Body brushes, Nion Beauty clearly demonstrates the effects of cleansing with the device – reduced wrinkles and a more clear complexion. The innovative skincare brand successfully establish its reputation of offering the best, reliable products.

It’s obvious that facts and statistics matter for beauty brands, but many have dismissed the importance of promoting and advertising the products through clinical trials. In the process of product development, product launches, or promotion, the brands should take into consideration of how the clinical trials would provide credibility, potentially resulting in a best-selling product.

Does your brand have clinical trial results available to consumers? If you are a consumer, do you value when brands provide their clinical trial information? Let us know below!