Clean Beauty and Wellness Products in Retailers

The Rise of Clean Beauty and Wellness Products in Retailers

Last updated on: 2019


The Rise of Clean Beauty and Wellness

Clean is queen and retailers everywhere are starting to take notice. If you’ve been strolling the aisles of Target, ULTA or Sephora lately and have been seeing some new brands – here’s why! Clean beauty in retailers are on the rise as more and more consumers look for products that are good for the environment, their skin and overall well being.

Clean Beauty in Sephora

In the last year, Sephora has launched Clean at Sephora, with their leading tagline: “Clean is simple: the beauty you want, minus the ingredients you might not.” In light of this, the major retailer has signed a number of brands to launch their clean initiative.

Clean at Sephora

Image via Sephora

Making waves in the way of clean beauty, Annie Lawless has launched LAWLESS Beauty, a clean AF brand that is disrupting the cosmetics industry. LAWLESS is far from the clean beauty brand you’re used to seeing – she’s pigmented, bold, edgy and sexy while still maintaining a clean seal. All LAWLESS products are free of carcinogenic, toxic, hormone and endocrine disrupting ingredients. Take note, because you’re going to want to replace your current makeup bag with all clean and highly pigmented LAWLESS products.

Clean Beauty in Target

You may have also noticed an influx of new brands at your local Target. Target has launched a clean initiative for consumers as well, making products with natural ingredients available at the fingertips of nearly everyone, at their favorite store. YUNI Beauty is making quite the splash in Target, making wellness accessible for all. Their products are not only vegan, natural and organic but they’re also cruelty-free, consciously sourced and sustainably crafted. The brand makes a variety of products ranging from skincare and bodycare to aromatherapy. YUNI’s products aim to help people restore health, relieve stress and save time.

Clean Beauty in ULTA

If you’re #TeamULTA in the neverending Sephora vs. ULTA debate, you’re in luck because clean is still present. ULTA also recently joined the movement and launched a wellness section in 350 stores. Partnering with the retailer, brands like YUNI Beauty, Lavanila, Truly Organic and many more are currently launching in this massive retailer. ULTA’s wellness launch takes a small step out of the beauty world, with YUNI’s body care and aromatherapy, Meow Meow Tweet’s natural deodorant and Truly Organic’s hair and body care products.

Access to wellness products and clean beauty in retailers is more than a trend: it’s a movement. Major retailers hopping on the clean beauty bandwagon is quickly continuing to bring the clean category mainstream. We all deserve clean and safe products, so take some time to look into the ingredients of your products – clean brands are available at most retailers to help you make the switch. 

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