How to Choose the Right Influencer for Your Campaign

Last updated on: 2018


So many influencers, so little time! It can be quite daunting when considering who to work with on your campaign due to the sheer volume of influencers in the beauty sphere. You want to select one or more that meet your brand’s aesthetic and mission, someone with a large following and high engagement rate, as well as land a high ROI. Here are five easy steps you can use for your next campaign.

  1. Utilize Instagram Hashtags
    Hashtags, when used correctly, can be your best friend when it comes to find someone with the qualities you are searching for. Head to Instagram and search for #mua (makeup artist) or #makeupobsessed (or whatever niche your brand is in) and watch your feed populate. The more direct you are with your search the easier it will be to find an influencer.
  1. Check Out Your Competitors
    Yes, that’s right! Head over to your competitor’s Instagram or Twitter and check out which influencers they are utilizing in their UGC (User Generated Content). You might not come across influencers who are on brand, however, they can serve as inspiration.
  1. Use YouTube as a Search Engine
    YouTube is another great social media platform you can use. It allows you to type in keywords such as, “Makeup Tutorial Drugstore” and various influencers who have created a makeup tutorial using drugstore products will pop up. From one search, hundreds of influencer videos will populate and more will be “suggested” on the right hand side of your screen.
  1. Invest in a Paid Influencer Database
    If you’re ready to set aside a a bit of a bigger budget for this, investing in a database could help you find the Influencers you’re searching for in one click. Providing name, mailing address, social media accounts, follower count, and other information, these databases might cost a pretty penny but save you the extra elbow grease and time.
  1. When All Else Fails… Google Search
    We couldn’t leave Google out of course! The all knowing search engine is always ideal for searching specific key terms. Google, however, will bring up a large number of matches so looking past the first page is key.