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New This Week: Facebook Creator Studio Updates 2019

It’s one small step for social media managers, one large leap for social media scheduling. It seems to be the most simple problem to fix. Why can’t we just schedule social posts through Instagram?  Well, Facebook has finally (sort of) made our dreams come true. If you’re a business profile and have the Creator Studio…

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New This Week: Facebook Launches New Mobile-First Video Ad Creation Tools

Have you ever wanted to create mobile video ads for your brand, but don’t have the budget to hire a professional videographer? Well, you’re in luck! Creating mobile-friendly videos ads on Facebook just got easier. A few weeks ago, Facebook rolled out new video creation tools that will help small businesses create effective mobile ad…

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New This Week: Facebook Reveals More Transparency Measures

In an effort to quell worries over how information is being used and who is using it, Facebook revealed even more transparency measures that allows users to easily identify where the admins of pages “with large US audiences” are located. (Note, the threshold for what constitutes a large audience has not been identified by Facebook.)…

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New This Week: Facebook and Instagram Introduce Time Tracking Features

How much time do you spend on social media? If you’re like me, once I start scrolling, it can be hard to stop. Both Facebook and Instagram recently introduced new time tracking features to help users easily find out how much time they’re really spending on the apps. What new time tracking features are being…

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New This Week: Facebook Updates July 2018

The Internet is a complex, constantly changing environment, and social media platforms must be continuously updated to keep up. This month, Facebook has started testing four features that will affect digital marketers and users alike.  Read on to find out more about these Facebook updates and why they are important to brands, advertisers and users….

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New This Week: Facebook Stories Archives

Over the past few weeks, Facebook rolled out a new feature, Facebook Stories archives, to users that lets you store your stories just like Instagram did late last year. This provides a functional purpose for lots of brands that use Facebook stories actively. This is a small, but relevant, addition, especially considering the growth in…

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New This Week: Facebook Advertising Policy Updates

Attention, marketers! There are more Facebook advertising policy updates taking effect in the next few weeks that will affect your ability to target consumers based on third-party data. In an effort to quell backlash from advertisers, Facebook has announced that it will be allowing advertisers to use information they have received from data brokers to…

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New This Week: Facebook’s Focus on Prioritizing Meaningful Interactions

There has been an ample amount of controversy regarding Facebook and its ethics over the past few months. Users complained that the site was becoming overpopulated with irrelevant ads, making it difficult to find post from friends and family on their news feeds. In response, Mark Zuckerberg announced Facebook’s new algorithm that sent marketing teams…

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New This Week: Facebook Ads Manager Updates

Facebook announced that over the next month, there will be a Facebook Ads Manager update rolled out to all business profile ad accounts with the goal of making ads reporting more efficient and easy to understand. By combining the best of the Power Editor and Ads Manager, the platform hopes to create a more seamless…

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New This Week: Facebook Audience Updates

Facebook has undoubtedly been making big changes on their platform. Since January of this year, the platform has made huge efforts to protect their users, and prioritize user’s friends and family posts over advertising due to many complaints. Most recently, Facebook announced that they will be disabling the use of all third-party audiences for user…

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