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New This Week: Two New Instagram Shopping Features

Last week, two new Instagram shopping features that will allow consumers to more easily shop directly from the platform were announced. These features, shopping from Stories and shopping in Explore, give businesses more opportunities to convert sales on the platform, making it an even more lucrative investment than it has been in the past. According…

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New This Week: Facebook Launches New Mobile-First Video Ad Creation Tools

Have you ever wanted to create mobile video ads for your brand, but don’t have the budget to hire a professional videographer? Well, you’re in luck! Creating mobile-friendly videos ads on Facebook just got easier. A few weeks ago, Facebook rolled out new video creation tools that will help small businesses create effective mobile ad…

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New This Week: Facebook Updates July 2018

The Internet is a complex, constantly changing environment, and social media platforms must be continuously updated to keep up. This month, Facebook has started testing four features that will affect digital marketers and users alike.  Read on to find out more about these Facebook updates and why they are important to brands, advertisers and users….

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New This Week: Facebook Advertising Policy Updates

Attention, marketers! There are more Facebook advertising policy updates taking effect in the next few weeks that will affect your ability to target consumers based on third-party data. In an effort to quell backlash from advertisers, Facebook has announced that it will be allowing advertisers to use information they have received from data brokers to…

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New This Week: Facebook Ads Manager Updates

Facebook announced that over the next month, there will be a Facebook Ads Manager update rolled out to all business profile ad accounts with the goal of making ads reporting more efficient and easy to understand. By combining the best of the Power Editor and Ads Manager, the platform hopes to create a more seamless…

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How to Grow Your Instagram Following With Boosted Posts

How Can You Grow Your Instagram Following Significantly Each Month? Buy Them? No. Following and unfollowing profiles? No! These are two very common malpractices that we see in the social media world, and they’re the fastest way to get your business profile either banned or kill your engagement numbers by the algorithm penalizing you in…

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How to Optimize Facebook Ads Targeting to Find Your Most Engaged Audiences

There’s no doubt that running Facebook ads is an incredibly effective way to grow your business’ online presence and drive sales to your website. However, the audience targeting you choose can make or break your campaign. Here are three tips for optimizing your Facebook ad targeting to help you reach the audience that will resonate…

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