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AI and AR in the Beauty Industry

If you’re not familiar with Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR) or the difference between the two, you’re not alone. In our fast-paced digital society, AI and AR in the beauty industry comes up frequently, but many people don’t have a solid understanding of how either technology actually works. The increasing popularity of AI and…

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Virtual Reality vs. Augmented Reality in the Beauty Industry

At first, the crazy ideas of Virtual Reality were just talk; nowadays, everyone and anyone in the tech world takes the concepts of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality very seriously. These new technological innovations not only continue to impact our daily lives but are impacting and creating opportunities within digital marketing, especially within the beauty…

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New This Week: Shopify Announces Shopify AR

Earlier today, e-commerce platform Shopify announced Shopify AR, a phone-based augmented reality toolset using Apple’s recently released AR Quick Look (which goes live today with iOS 12). The toolset will allow merchants to upload 3D models of their products to their websites that can be directly viewed by users using Safari on iOS 12 devices…

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New This Week: L’Oreal Launches Augmented Reality Feature on Facebook

In a move to bring more customer-focused interaction to Facebook, beauty powerhouse L’Oréal has collaborated with Facebook to create an augmented reality feature utilizing the social platform’s camera. This augmented reality experience will allow consumers to try on a variety of different makeup looks and products from L’Oréal’s many brands, including NYX Cosmetics, Urban Decay,…

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COVERGIRL Launches Augmented Reality Try It Tool

Looking to try before you buy? COVERGIRL has you covered with their new Try It Tool that lets you try on their latest looks and products without having to spend a dime (or even leave your house). Once you try on the looks, you’ll have the option to purchase the products through Walmart’s online storefront….

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Benefit Launches VR Tool “Benefit Brow Try On Experience”

Benefit Cosmetics has taken its next steps into virtual reality with their recently launched Benefit Brow Try On Experience. According to Benefit, this new tool allows users to “virtually “try on” looks, play with styles, and test out shades and shapes to see the transformative power of your brows…instantly!” Image via Benefit While Benefit isn’t…

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