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2022 Trend Forecast: Best Email Marketing Strategies to Watch

Similar to George Clooney, email marketing seems only to be getting better with age. The return on investment for emails simply cannot be beaten by virtually any other form of marketing, and we expect no different for 2022. With that being said, we need to nurture our email marketing campaigns to be the best that…

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Five Easy Ways to Personalize Your Next Email Marketing Campaign

Learn how to personalize your next email campaign with these five tips In 2019, personalized email marketing campaigns should no longer be regarded as an optional practice, but instead must be integrated into any email marketer’s best practices. Not only has email personalization been simplified by ESP’s (aka email service provider) ever-evolving functionalities, but data…

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How to Write Email Marketing Copy that Converts

Are you looking for more conversions from your email marketing campaigns? As a content marketer or email marketing copywriter, it’s your responsibility to create customer-oriented content that also converts. Writing compelling copy can be one of the toughest jobs because there is no guarantee it will convince the reader to purchase, sign up or complete…

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How to Remove Bad Email Addresses with Database Hygiene

Your email marketing program is set up and running, you are growing your database with online forms, you’re constantly analyzing and optimizing your email cadence and segmentation and ensuring that you’re emailing only people who gave you a permission to do so. However, after a few years, you notice that deliverability and inbox placement of…

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The GDPR Privacy Policy Guide for Bloggers and Advertisers

Disclaimer: This post is not legal advice, but rather a breakdown of the GDPR Privacy Policy based on other digital articles. I am not a legal professional and cannot be held liable for any advice taken from this article. For full information and guidance, please visit the GDPR website and seek professional legal advice. Knock…

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Browse Websites in Gmail with New AMP Support

A few weeks ago, Google announced its decision to bring Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) capabilities to Gmail to allow for a more interactive and engaging experience within the email platform. AMP format was originally designed to speed up mobile page rendering by removing unnecessary clutter, but the internet powerhouse decided to extend the feature to…

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Why Email Marketing is Essential to Your Success

Have you heard that email is dead? Well, we all heard that rumor back in 2015, but we’ve got great news for you! It’s 2018 and email is alive and continuing to be the most powerful tool for delivering messages directly to your customers. Take a look at these compelling stats that prove that email…

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