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The Back-to-School Beauty Study Guide

We’ve got your Back-To-School Beauty Study Guide!   This summer has brought us many new makeup trends that are perfect for back-to-school beauty! From too cool for school blush to top-of-the-class tints, it’s time to put these trends to the true test! Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash You Can NEVER Have Too Much Blush Blush…

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LGBTQ+ Beauty Brands to Support All Year Long

And just like that, another Pride Month has come and gone! June being Pride Month always brings lots of exclusive Pride-branded products to purchase and collect, but there are plenty of LGBTQ+ beauty brands to support all year long to make any day you have full of Pride. Whether you’re shopping for sophisticated haircare from…

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Work From Home Beauty and Wellness Essentials

Working from home has created a completely new sense of flexibility that was unknown pre-March of 2020. Hybrid and remote style work models are more popular now than ever, allowing for employees to have more flexibility in their work-life balance and giving employers an opportunity to stray away from the traditional office environment completely. But…

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Favorite Festival Beauty Trends in 2022

Festival season has been known and parodied for its fashion – think your favorite rave wear and kandi or more boho chic style – but new colorful and unique makeup and hair trends have emerged from creative festivalgoers. The rise of social media has allowed for some of the most exciting and experimental makeup looks…

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2022 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Wondering what to get the people you love this Valentine’s Day? We’ve got you. Check out our Valentine’s Day gift guide to get them something they didn’t even know they wanted!  Here are some gift ideas based on what’s trending right now! Dyson AirWrap  If you’re looking for a memorable gift for the hair enthusiast…

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Fall 2019 Beauty Trends You Won’t Want to Miss

What are this year’s hottest fall 2019 beauty trends? It seems like it was just spring, but summer has flown by and now we’re hopping into full-blown autumn mode: think Pumpkin Spice Lattes, cozy sweaters and layers on layers. The most exciting part about leaves falling and the season changing? Discovering the latest of what’s happening…

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The Rise of Clean Beauty and Wellness Products in Retailers

The Rise of Clean Beauty and Wellness Clean is queen and retailers everywhere are starting to take notice. If you’ve been strolling the aisles of Target, ULTA or Sephora lately and have been seeing some new brands – here’s why! Clean beauty in retailers are on the rise as more and more consumers look for…

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5 Best Face Sunscreens for Summer

No shade here. Applying sunscreen on your face is necessary in order to prevent premature signs of aging and signs of skin cancer. We get it though — it’s an extra step in your skincare routine that could potentially break you out and cause extra greasiness through the day. But, what if there were products…

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Swatch Out! Our Top 3 Favorite Organic Lip Brands

Swatch out! Our team has been on the search for up-and-coming lip brands that are organic and that keep your lips feeling fresh and hydrated. There are so many beauty brands out there but sometimes the best stuff comes from the smaller, emerging companies. Here are our top three organic lip brands at the moment:…

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The Best Home Remedies for Chapped Lips

In the dry season of the winter, there is nothing quite like wanting to avoid dealing with the always dreaded chapped lips! Unfortunately, chapped lips are only exacerbated by many of the lip products I use daily, many of which include occlusives, irritants and allergens. To ensure my lips stay nice and hydrated all season…

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