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As Told By: Shaneel Anjum from True Influential

After working in the beauty marketing world and getting the opportunity to collaborate with various influencers, Shaneel Anjum realized a passion for influencer marketing and talent management. This was the moment when Shaneel’s first business endeavor was born: True Influential, an all-female influencer marketing platform. Keep reading to learn more about how Shaneel builds her…

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As Told By: Annie Spano from Style Collective

Meet Annie Spano After years of consulting experience and graduating from an MBA program, Annie Spano founded Style Collective – an online community for female fashion and lifestyle influencers. By leveraging digital marketing, email marketing, growth hacking, PR/media outreach, in-person events and more, she has grown Style Collective into a six-figure business in less than…

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As Told By: Marjan Tabibzada

Meet Marjan Tabibzada Marjan Tabibzada first got her start in the makeup world right out of high school when she got a job at MAC Cosmetics. While working there and attending college, she also began recording makeup tutorials and posting new looks on Instagram. Marjan instantly fell in love with the beauty influencer world and…

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As Told By: Ashley Wagner

Meet Ashley Wagner After learning how to do her makeup using YouTube video tutorials and kick starting her career in the industry working in retail cosmetics, beauty influencer Ashley Wagner is now well-known for her dramatic eye looks on Instagram. In 2012, Ashley started her business TIME LOS ANGELES, where she creates everything from t-shirts…

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As Told By: Emily Wolf Beauty

Meet Emily Wolf Welcome to a world of colorful pastels, cruelty-free beauty and three adorable wiener dogs…AKA, just another day in the life of Emily Wolf! This beauty influencer first started her fashion blog after moving to Los Angeles to relate more to her photography clients. Learn more about Emily’s blogging journey, her favorite cruelty-free…

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As Told By: Beauty Influencer Ellarie

Meet Ellarie After receiving her Master’s degree in marketing, Ellarie Noel decided that she wanted to pursue a career in the beauty world. Ellarie first began her career freelancing and working at MAC, but soon realized that being a makeup artist was not her passion — and that she had more fun doing her own!…

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