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As Told By: Christopher Skinner, Founder & CEO of School House NYC

Meet Chris Skinner! Find Chris at: School House NYC How did you begin your career in beauty? I’ve always been a very true generalist, so I’ve never kept myself to one thing. I started as a Stock Associate overnight at Sephora while studying Design at school in Georgia. Eventually, Sephora gave me a job in…

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As Told By: Paula Carozzo, Disability Activist and Storyteller

Meet Paula Carozzo! Find Paula @pauuzzo Photo by Femke Tewari  Tell us about yourself. How did you get started in the beauty industry? My name is Paula Carozzo and I am a content creator, disability activist and storyteller. I was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at the age of five after a non-traumatic brain injury from…

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As Told By: Alex & Matt Beer, Co-Founders and CEO’s of Fortress Brand

Meet Alex & Matt Beer! Photo by Terrence Matlin Our names are Alex Beer & Matt Beer. Find us at: Tell us about yourselves. How did you get started in the beauty industry? We’re Alex and Matt Beer — brothers, Co-Founders and Co-CEOs of Fortress Brand. In 2012 as early adopters of the Amazon…

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As Told By: Evangeline Sarney, Beauty Content Consultant

Meet Evangeline Sarney!     My name is Evangeline Sarney. My social handles are @evangelinesarney on Instagram & Evangeline-Sarney on LinkedIn. Find my website at & Tell us about yourself. How did you get started in the beauty industry? My love and passion for beauty started young. I grew up in a small…

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As Told By: Shirley Raines Founder of Beauty 2 The Streetz

Meet Shirley Raines! From serving local organizations in the Skid Row, California area, to now being the founder of Beauty 2 The Streetz, Shirley’s organization aims to help the homeless by providing inherently human things — whether that’s a warm meal, a hot shower, or a hair and makeup transformation. Through her own experiences, Shirley…

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As Told By: Maddie Fantle Founder of Maes Face

Meet Maddie Fantle! From building a conscious beauty brand during a global pandemic to now having a cult following, her company, Maes Face, is ready to make your skincare routine a lot more colorful! Through her past full-time jobs in the marketing industry, Maddie knew at some point in her life she would be a…

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As Told By: condtionHER Founders Wendy Rose Berry & Eugenia Marshall

Meet Wendy Rose Berry & Eugenia Marshall Sexual wellness is an industry that should never be neglected! Founders of conditionHER, Wendy Rose Berry & Eugenia Marshall walk us through the importance and need for care of all lady parts. They are also badass bosses who run this Black female-owned business while balancing corporate jobs. Tell…

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As Told By: Leah Kirpalani Founder of Shop Good

Meet Leah Kirpalani Clean Beauty is on the rise and Shop Good founder, Leah Kirpalani, is leading the movement in San Diego. She has two San Diego shops, one in Northpark and one in Del Mar, and they are both filled with organic, vegan, and clean beauty solutions. Keep reading to see the innovative and…

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As Told By: Rachel Gurovich Founder of The Self-Care Seed Co

Meet Rachel Gurovich! Where is mental health taking a stance in the Beauty and Wellness industry? Rachel Gurovich, Founder of The Self-Care Seed Co raises awareness on mental health stigmas and encourages self-care through her messaging. She discusses the role of influence and how big brands have a responsibility to go beyond courtesies and incorporate…

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As Told By: Zesipho Mncwango, Founder of lamoola

Meet Zesipho Mncwango! What’s it like working in the beauty industry? Zesipho Mncwango shares her experience working as a Beauty Brand Manager and the founder of lamoola! Learn more about her role in some of the top international beauty brands and how her company, lamoola, is bringing on-demand beauty treatments to South African communities. My…

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